Lost Blog posts

As you all know, the Yetebon internet can be unpredictable – and thanks to that a few blog posts that never made it to me from the team. So while a little late – these stories are too good not to share! – Heather From Monday February 19th: Honey by Jeff Hillesland Who would have … Continue reading Lost Blog posts

Home again

by Jeff and Sally Hillesland We have all arrived safely home after LONG flights. Somehow these flights seem longer on the way home  than they do going to Ethiopia.  15 hours (D.C. to Addis Ababa) on one flight is simply long in either direction! Most of all each of us has had time as we’ve … Continue reading Home again

From Tuesday Feb 20th

by Kelli Sanders To say that communication here is difficult at times is an understatement.  We are sometimes translating English to Amharic, to whatever village dialect the patient may speak, back to Amharic and finally back to English. Think of it like a very complicated game of telephone. Some things are bound to get lost … Continue reading From Tuesday Feb 20th

The Big Hike

Saturday, February 17 by Jordin Ericksmoen Today is hiking day for many of us! We embarked bright and early with our three trusty guides (house children) and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars, lots of water and various other snacks including chocolate. From the first stop at the church that could be seen from … Continue reading The Big Hike