Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression – one of the hottest, lowest, most inhospitable places in the world…. and the tour book didn’t lie!! We thought we could share our experience best by making a list of some of the ways we found one could die in that inhospitable place. This list is not exhaustive nor is it in order … Continue reading Danakil Depression

I asked Katie if Bubba was able to get the large autoclaves back in working condition. Here is what she replied: They got one of the big ones started just today and MANY other things, including working on several issues on the little sterilizers as well. Continue reading

Team Updates

We are all a bit tired today, it’s midweek and we are working hard! It is hard to believe we only have a day and a half left here! I have been working in post­op throughout our time here and have been able to strengthen some of the relationships that were started with the staff last year … Continue reading Team Updates

Returning Home

Heather wrote this as a comment on the blog today.  It was such a great reminder of what is important so wanted to make sure you all saw it.  Jeff Looks like Team 2 is hard at work! It’s nice to see the photos of the smiling faces and all of you continuing to bring … Continue reading Returning Home