February 28 | Sally M

5 thoughts on “February 28 | Sally M”

  1. I am a retired Gundersen OR nurse who has been on a surgical mission to Peru. I am friends with Bod and Shirley Newberry and am honored to follow your mission to Africa. Keep safe.

  2. Sally, we did not almost leave you behind…we just had the bus driver put the bus in reverse so you would get moving!!!

  3. So glad you all made it ! Sally..it sounds like Rosie might have had something to do with leaving you behind !! lol You ALL are amazing to do this. What an experience for the young man wiht you !! Stay safe and I look forward to all of your posts.

  4. Have been thinking of all of you daily….miss you Sal and hope things continue to go well. Prayers directed your way for continued safe travel. And just think, when you get home we get to have time together to do your eval…or some such fun!!! Looking forward to giving you a hug. Stay safe. Sue

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