March 4 | Jeff H & Deb R

3 thoughts on “March 4 | Jeff H & Deb R”

  1. Such a life changing experience! Andy and I are so proud of all of you!

    I am so glad that no “med errors” have been reported. Sounds like everyone on the team knows how to read their medication labels this year; )

    Andy wants Sally to know that he is still pale and clammy as ever, and he sends his condolences to Phil’s roommates………..hopefully they are sleeping through the fog horn.

    Keep working hard!

    Also-Mom try to bring some Kili lager home! If you can’t climb it-Drink it!

  2. Hey, thank you for the news! Good to hear things are going well, and that you are enjoying the singing, the friendly people, and the lively kids. Friends from Mpls met their two prospective adoptive children, a boy and a girl, siblings, ages eight and four, in Addis Ababa (about as far north of you as New Orleans is from St. Paul), this week, and are thrilled as they head home tonight, to return in two or three months to bring them back. They are teachers, and like all of you serving there, make this world a very much better place. Thank you for sharing the joy of your work! You are in our prayers.

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