March 6 | Rosie N, Jeff H

4 thoughts on “March 6 | Rosie N, Jeff H”

  1. Hi Phil, Kristy, and the mission team. Your posts enabled us to visualize mentally into your daily mission. Really great. On many occasions, we can almost actually feel your toils, too. Be mindful that it was in God’s kindness, you’re there. With His love, you serve. By His grace, you endure. Surely your hearts will be bursting with joy. You are in our prayers for a job well done and a safe journey home. King & Grace Yee (Phillip’s parents), California.
    And dearest Phillip,
    From the summit of Kilimanjaro to the plains of Mwanza,
    We wish you a wonderful birthday with friends in Tanzania.
    Have a most happy birthday, dear Phillip, 2011,
    Love always, Mom and Dad

  2. Tell Sally Miner that I was cleaning dresser drawers and found the “beautiful” elephant postcard she brought me back from Tanzania last time she was there. You guys might as well stay there another week as we are supposed to have a snowstorm here on Wednesday.

  3. You’ve had a pretty amazing couple of days! And that’s too many kids without parent…thank you for taking such good care of them. Meanwhile, here on the Upper Mississippi, the fog-of-the-melting-snow rests thick and grey over everything, waiting for a new southwester’ to blow it away before six to eight inches of new snow falls in the next couple of days. Different birds call here and there, apparently early migrants northbound already. Experts say the great blue herons will arrive any day. Word from downriver has the towboat Jack D. Wofford upbound with 15 empties, perhaps to be the first boat to clear the ice from the many places it still clogs the main channel here. In short, March Madness is upon us again, indeed it may have started early in a certain capital city. Nonetheless, spring is still on the way. Take care, keep up the great work, and “Happy Birthday, Dr. Phil!”

  4. Wow such wonderful work. There is nothing like working with children. I’m sure it is much different than the state-the adults involved are so appreciative of everything you do. I think I would check the electric switch each time before I took a shower, unless it is a terribly hot day and a cold shower would feel good. God bless the whole team.

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