March 7 | Jeff S, Phil Y, Denyse OD

5 thoughts on “March 7 | Jeff S, Phil Y, Denyse OD”

  1. Jeff, we can’t wait to hear more stories when you get home. We are so glad that you are enjoying your experience. However, we would like to have you home…we miss you! Let’s not extend your stay this time.:)

  2. I think of you guys frequently throughout my days here. I often let people know that we need to be more grateful for what we have and how that appreciation can gives us joy. Today I talked to Sandy MCCormick from World Services here in LX.

    She was in Washington DC visiting the CDC offices – they wondered if World Services and perhaps UW Madison, GL – might be interested in the Request For Proposal they will be sending out shorting regarding a Tanzania project. The grant will be for travel, expenses to work with a University in Tanzania to develop a country wide nursing curriculum. As soon as the RFP comes out you all will here more. I did share the GL would support as well as possibly UW Madison and Winona State – hmmm small world.

    Travel safely enjoy your last few days. We are suppose to get snow today 3-5 inches but it is pretty ward – mid to upper 30s

  3. I am so enjoying the posts ! I admire you all SO much since I am so far removed from being a care-giver !! Rosie, I can’t wait for us to be able to sit around the capfire and hear all your stories !! It might take all summer !!

    Enjoy your last few days. I’m sure you can’t imagine that it will be done soon and hard to leave. Travel safe. I will pray for your safe arrival back HOME !!!


  4. I am enjoying your posts so much!! They are all so descriptive and make me feel like I am there all over again. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Savor every moment.

  5. Hello Travelers,
    It is so nice to hear about your adventures and daily experiences on your journey. Beleive it or not, you are very lucky to get to have this experience. I am extremely jealous. I miss you Shirley, Bob and yes we are still smoke free. Lilli and Dani are coming here next week for spring break. Weather in Florida matches the weather there. It has been in the 70-80’s here too. Keep writing,it is like we are experiencing your adventure too. Thank you for all the updates and I smile when you describe the smiles on the kids faces. Love ya, be careful and arrive home safety. Barb/Bruce

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