March 9 | Bryce, Dennis

3 thoughts on “March 9 | Bryce, Dennis”

  1. To: Dennis, Denyce, Bryce

    I wish I could be there with you. It shall be something I can add to bucket list. Way to go with the fish eye Bryce, I’m so proud of you. Where’s Denyce? I miss her poetic perspective of the surroundings. Keep up the smilling and singing, it’s the best medicine of all. Love you all. I”ll say a prayer to Emily to deliver the best safari ever. Love Brother Burt!

  2. Bryce……malaria?!! You are kidding right?!! Maybe Burt can ask Grandma Emily to help you out after he’s made his request for the safari (she was an RN after all). Love ya…..Carol Jean

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