March 19 | Kathy F

10 thoughts on “March 19 | Kathy F”

  1. I just enjoyed the last letter about the fish staring at all of you! Am praying you all accomplish so much, but that you continue to have laughs along the way. Isn’t it neat that God has such a great sense of humor!

  2. That will quite enough communal shower activity, thank you very much! Also, I tried serving Lori fish with the head attached in Glacier Nat. Park one time. She covered up the head with a lettuce leaf. She has always been versatile when it comes to finding nourishment.
    I do regret talking Lori out of weighing herself down with a quality rain coat.
    All your blog entires are fantastic, please keep up the detailed writing!
    Rick S.

  3. Really appreciate the updates. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    On an “older matter”: Kevin, people are asking if you know what the temperature was at the summit of your climb.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to write such well written blogs. no doubt
    you are down to business as I write this. I hope the surgeries go well.
    After returning home from spending time in Guatemala, I found myself not flushing and putting the tp in the wastebasket! Eeek. It’s what you are used to. I certainly do appreciate my indoor plumbing that works.

  5. I am thrilled to read your blogs. Takes me back to one year ago that Bob and I joined the group. Please say hello to Lucy for me. And Paula and Denny and my special friend Mary Ellen. I hope Diane F. is taking care of Lucy’s chocolate habit. I am sure today is a long day of surgery and just figuring it all out. We will think of you at supper, you eating Lucy’s wonderful cucumber salad. (Bob still has not had rice since returning home.) Lori S. I hope it is matching up to the stories I told you. Rosie remember to take them to the local pub for “bariti beer and fanta”. Stay safe. Shirley and Bob Newberry

  6. So enjoy the daily news!! Really look forward to them…knowing you are safe and doing what you were sent to do ! God is so good !!! Sounds like your “real” work will begin in the morning! Wondering how many babies you will help birth and have the moms “WALK HOME” after four hours !!! WOW !
    Stay dry !

  7. Another check on all of you in Tanzania. It sounds like you are having a heck of an adventure. It may be quite wet there, but at least there is no snow and C O L D !!!

  8. Thanks for the news! Your first day sounds pretty wonderful, but by the time you get this, you will have had a first clinic and surgery day, and you all must be exhausted, and glad to get off your feet. Great work today! Meanwhile, back here in the driftless region, a brilliant orange sun jumped up over the deep purple bluffs this morning, just below dark gray clouds promising more rain. It burned an orange path across a silver and gold Lake Onalaska to fortunate commuters southbound on the Minnesota side of the river. We had a soaking rain night before last, and with more on the way, the thirsty land has to be celebrating that, plus the unexpected warmth, and the equinox. The foliage is just popping everywhere, and one hopes the wily morels are beginning to stir under their oak leaf blankets. Hooray. : – ) Meanwhile, please tell us about the food and the coffee, and everything you have time for. Many thanks for your hard work and sacrifice, John

  9. Every day I am anxious to open up my e-mail and read your entries. It is one of the highlights of my day. Reading your blogs makes me feel like I am back there again…..and oh how I wish I were. I too was served that Tilapia soup and remember the astonishment of seeing that fish staring up at me!!! My first thought was that I was going to be quite hungry over the next 2 weeks but the soup did actually turn out to be quite tasty. I must admit, however that I did end up changing the front half of the fish with Phil for the back half. Just couldn’t take those eyes. As I recall Phil was quite pleased with the trade. Something about it being an honor to get the head of the fish and the meat in the cheeks being a delicacy. I was quite happy to let him have the honor. Seemed to make his day???? One other dining tip….free range chickens in Tanzania are not equivalent to free range chickens in the Midwest.

    If you find your toilet situation odd now, wait until you run into a squatty potty. My advice to you on that is to start practicing your aim now while you have a chance. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

    Jeff and Sally, please give Lucy my love and tell her I think of her often and miss her wonderful bread.

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute despite the lack of the comforts of home we are used to. You will soon come to realize just how very lucky we are. By the time you arrive back home there are 4 things I know you will never take for granted again: ice, a hot shower, a flush toilet and Charmin toilet paper.

  10. Took me awhile but I finally got your smiling faces to show up on my screen! Sounds like it has been an adventure already!! Hopefully the rain has stopped and things are going well :). We miss you back here but know that you are doing great things to help many people. Post some pictures so we can see the action! Hugs to the Brekkes :).

    Linda Eber & the gang

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