March 20 | Cheryl

7 thoughts on “March 20 | Cheryl”

  1. Enjoy your update.Each day is more interesting than the previous.
    Sounds as if your team is accomplishing what they have set out to do.
    Marlene Roesler

    1. You know you have captured a lot of interest when you entice Marlene Roesler to post on the internet!

  2. Ahh, thanks for the updates. Brings back such memories. Say “hi” to all, especially my bartender buddy at the pub. Take care, enjoy and realize the impact u have on their lives…As well as the impact they will have on each of you

  3. Can’t help you with the water supply. For electrical supply have Kumi plug into a current bush. Don’t you Democrats know anything about green energy…..guess who @ SCHM. (Dr. Garrity)

    The Lenten luncheon was wonderful. The speech was beautiful Sandy, that and the delivery by Sister Leclare had the place in tears. Emotional and beautiful Standing Ovation!!!! We missed you. But you were there in spirit.

    Love to read the updates. Signing many up to receive. So much interest in what you are doing. Bless you all!
    In our prayers,
    Leclare, Dr. Garrity, Cookie, Rita, Sandy L, Joni.

  4. I hope I finally have the correct blog!! I’m enjoying hearing about all of your adventures and am very happy everything is going so well.
    Lots of Love Sandy, Hannah and Eric!
    Grandma Sue

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