March 21 | Rosie N

10 thoughts on “March 21 | Rosie N”

  1. Hello! Glad to hear you had a wonderful surgery and clinic day yesterday. It must be so satisfying for the poeple who have to wait so long for care and solutions to conditions to finally get things done to improve their lives. Also, that bugs and chairs aren’t causing too much damage; mercy! Thank you for the news and vivide descriptions! Meanwhile, here in ‘Wiscotennessee,’ lawns have greened-up over night, the bluffs are sort of fluffy with trees blooming and leaves popping in all the subtle greens, reds, browns, and tans. Nightcrawlers and robins are doing their dances. A two-foot fog hovered on the river surface this morning, with low clouds and mist promising even more rain. The air smells like a classic, rain-washed spring, and at evening people are out everywhere enjoying the weather. Thanks for doing all you do! John

  2. I’m glad everything went well yesterday. The fire ants sound a lot worse than we have on the golf course in Florida, but Dave managed to get five oif them a couple of days ago.
    I’m sure enjoying the updates. Greetings to everyone.
    Sue (G-Sue)

  3. I do so look forward to the morning reports from the team!!
    Thank you for letting us share in your daily work and
    events i.e. fire ants & broken chairs!! Keep up the good work.
    Everything is GREEN in Iowa!! When this rain lets up, it will
    be time to get the lawn mowers out…unbelievable but true!!

  4. This is so cool to be able to keep up on your adventure from so far away. And the descriptions are so vivid I can visualize very well your experiences. Thank you so much for posting so frequently/
    Stay safe, continue your work and keep up the great posts.

  5. Hi Rosie…et all ! So cool to “follow” you every day! So glad you have warm water! We are so spoiled here !!! You go “give ’em hell” in the card games, Rosie !! Shirley was in this morning for her appt and I printed off all of the posts for her to take home. She says HI too!

    Will await the news of the day every day !

  6. Thanks for the updates. We’re glad to hear Lori is keeping busy there so she’s not missing us in OSC too much. We sure miss her, but are grateful she’s adventerous and willing to make the trip to help others.

  7. The concrete jungle of Central High School awaits your return Brekke! We are suffering 80 degree weather, which translates into 88 degree temperatures inside as we do our part to save money for the district (No AC). Bryce has translated and described the locations and images of the the fire ants, the surgery complex, sleeping issues, and of course… the pub!

    Keep on sending those descriptions and remember to take many pictures!! GB _Mr. Schmidt_ (and Bryce)

  8. I enjoy the daily blog. As for Cheryl she has always been a princess and even has a crown to show for it.
    Happy that everyone is safe and providing wonderful care for the patients. May you have a blessed week.


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