March 23 | Sandy B

8 thoughts on “March 23 | Sandy B”

  1. Sandy,

    🙂 so good to hear (?) your voice and know that you are all well!! What an amazing experience you guys are having! It must be a great feeling to accomplish so much each day and know that you are helping so many people. I am sure that this won’t be your last trip! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to the orphanage….I would love to be along on that one :). I am sure Hannah will love that too! We sure do miss you guys. Tell Eric he needs to teach us some Swahelli (?) when he gets home.

    Love you,


  2. Sandals…nice write up, and glad to hear all is going well! I checked out how things are going at your house with the Lee’s…dogs, dogs, dogs! Good thing I did too — I found Teresa taping her name on to the bottom of much of your furniture and appliances….I suppose just in case.

    Also had a couple of ideas pop into my head for my homemade Christmas gift this year…perhaps you could ask “the surgeon” to bring back some…ah…urr…mmm…surgical leftovers. :-0 Almost noon, about to enjoy a Yellow Show Ale from Two Dogs Brewery!

    Love your Big Bro!

  3. Sandy, I sure enjoyed the update today. Is Eric going to want to charge his role as a general surgeon when he gets home? i sure hope you have tons of pictures for a special showing over Easter. I won’t even make the Brekke family cook too much!!!

    Hannah I’m sure your running will get back to everyone at Central. When did you (almost?) pass out? Miss and love you.

    Dad and I are enjoying Florida lots, but it’s getting time for me to have some kid fixes.
    Love to all-you are doing a wonderful job.

  4. This letter literally made me smile:) Dad, praises to you that you are known to be the one that knows Swahili. Turns out all the time you heard “Dad we really don’t care” we were missing out on really good, common, need to know, desperate information!
    Hannah, how are you still alive after being hit in the head with a machete!? Way to go by not passing out watching the surgeries! Even though I totally could have done that… Just kidding!! That truly impressive sis! Good to hear you’ve met some friends! Are you glad you didn’t get low lights in your hair?? You would have missed out on being the attention hog..;) just joking.
    Mom, I bet you’re just having a ball! Getting to run in Africa and see the surroundings. Going to the schools and orphanages. Aww I wish I could see them so bad. Make sure there are a ton of pictures for me to see!:)
    Today Teresa and I went to pilates and when we got home from some errands I was wiped out and took an hour nap! I know, so exciting. When I woke up, we all (including Buddy) went down and fed some horses. Dawn came out sporting a new short do that looks absolutely great on her!! It was really good to see her and she seems like she is doing well. After, I went for a run and now am watching Lion King. ( All I can think of though is Dad telling us what asante sana means or whatever:).) And Teresa is looking for her lost wedding ring… The information on the ring it to be continued:.

    Well, hope everyone is have a blast there! Can’t wait to see you guys again. And by the way, I ran over to the track this week and ran into Coach Andersen and told him you were running and he says hi. Love you all! Sara

  5. Oh Sandy what a beautiful and very well expressed description of the events. It is almost like being there in the background. Oh I bet Kevin liked the climb up Kilaminjaro. I have seen pictures of it before. i hope you are bringing pictures home. Now come on Sandy i thinkl Eric know the anatomy (even of the female) that was cute. If not I have a picture of the uterus
    Peace and love for all you are doing in God’s name
    Arlene o’loughlin

  6. We are all gathered around the computer to read the letter. That is so interesting to hear the stories and we look forward to seeing pictures. Tom said to tell Eric it is not the same on Friday Nights at Billy’s for pizza without him. Eric, it’s Grant, I just wanted to tell you the Packers picked up center, Jeff Saturday, (Colts Pro-Bowl center)!! Don’t worry, I’m watching out for Sara, besides me accidently taking her down when I tripped last week…’ll have to ask her about that:)

    See ya soon!
    Love, The Sangers

  7. Bless you all for all of the Good deeds that you do. We all enjoy reading about your adventures. Please keep the storys coming. Kristy you are very missed in Decorah. Stay safe!
    You all make us very Proud!

    Kathy B.

  8. It is truly amazing how I can get ripped on by my big-bro at anytime and anyplace. Sandy, don’t worry I have only put my name of a few key pieces. But Mom and Dad have to worry a lot about their stuff.

    Hannah, I told you you should have colored your hair. Not that I think you aren’t LOVING all of the attention.

    Sara and the Lee’s are having a lot of fun. Sara did try to kill me by MAKING me go to Pilates. I have muscles that hurt that I didn’t know I had. Ty and Adeline are loving their Sara time. But I’m sure Sara is looking forward to not hearing “Sara, will you play with me?” all the time.

    We had a small “Danny” experience. Sandy, you may be cleaning blood off the ceiling for years. Sara and I think we got it all, but it keeps showing up every time we turn around.

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of your stories. It’s sounds like a wonderful experience. You are changing the lives of all the people you have helped. Eric, how do you put that surgery on your Vita? And where you grinning the whole time you were during the surgery. Please don’t pick my name for the homemade gift next year. That might be the new and improved Prune Lady.

    See you soon.

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