March 24 | Kevin

13 thoughts on “March 24 | Kevin”

  1. Oh I love living Tanz Life through every one of your stories…although we had no “zipper incidents” last year 🙂 Wilson’s daily greetings and trips around the compound, holding hands are but a few things I miss. Hope you are all behaving and enjoying your limited time at a place of such happiness. Good travels team!!!

  2. Kevin, and Sandy, et al, thank you for all the news! What an amazing time you are having. I really enjoy your writing and excellent descriptions of all the goings on, and of the people so appreciative of your presence. Back here in the heartland, it’s been a little cooler, but warming up with sun in the afternoons, while humid and foggy in the mornings. We’re talking fruit trees springing into bloom, with dandelions, and lawnmowers making their first appearances yesterday, Saturday. The lilac buds, seemingly on the oldest plants (varieties?) first, are turning purple, yet still small. The ground is littered with the red hulls of tree blossoms, and even a green snow of pollen in places. The US Coast Guard cutter Wyaconda, out of Dubuque, made its way north on Friday, resetting the green ‘cans’ and the red ‘nuns’ that mark the channel, and with the coasties still working at 8pm aboard their floating home tied up at the Winona levee for the night, where springer spaniel Emma and I found them on our way home from an extra half-mile for a half-pint at Ed’s No Name Bar on our evening hike. The bird symphony continues its loud music without intermission from dawn until dark. Wait…there’s the first gray catbird singing in our backyard, a virtuoso who exceeds the mockingbird in its variety of song, yet trails the master of them all in these parts, the brown thrasher, Pavarotti of the northern forest. I look forward to the arrival of the chimney swifts, great inter-hemisphere travelers. So to you in the southern hemisphere, rest well, and thank you so much for all you do! John

  3. I just wanted to comment on how much I am enjoying all of your posts! I am visiting Africa vicariously thru all of you. Kevins’ mom, Mary, sends me all of your posts and I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying reading them. God Bless all of you for the work that you do and thank you so much for the wonderful stories that you share with us.

  4. Continue to do good work.and bring joy to the people.
    Joanne sends greetings and she would love organization at her new home.
    Blessings always.

    Cindy and Joanne

  5. Last week in church, we were asked where we saw God during our week. What an example to Lori and all, how your daily skills are viewed and appreciated. Amazing:) Keep up the strong work! Special hugs to Rosie, Jeff and Lori:) and thank you all for sharing your time and words with us back home.

    Judy G.

  6. Kevin, So happy to hear your “ailments” from the climb have, for the most part, healed. Take care of the toes!! I live for the blog each day & can’t wait to see what is written & experienced by each member of the team. Having seen lots of your photography, I still think, as I’ve told you before, that you may have missed your calling as I think you could/should be a photographer & writer for National Geographic!! Well you know how it is, we mothers tend to overdo it a bit with pride for our “kids” & I am so proud of you!! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on Sat. the 31st, you should be arriving home from your life-altering adventure on that day. God Bless the team & all the wonderful work they do to alleviate some of the world’s ills. Safe travels to all.

  7. Great adventures and writing, your stories make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I agree with mother Duffy maybe your calling is a National Geographic writerexplorer and PC Solutions regional manager. Thanks for the updates Kevin, travel safe, God Bless you and your team.

  8. Extraordinary how your stories speak to the priorities. Having people in your life who care. The gifts you are sharing with each other…the hands and hearts across cultures; truly amazing and exhilarating to read about. I am guessing you all feel you are getting much more than giving through these relationships.

    Thanks for sharing this experience. I am hooked on the blogs….how long can you stay and report back to us?

    All is terrific here. The weather, work-related happenings—all good!

    I think you should consider planning an evening to show the pictures you are taking. I’ll make popcorn!…and bring the beer….so Sandy comes! 🙂 🙂

    Hugs all around.

  9. It is Sunday here today, so I am thinking about last year’s trip and the “short” worship service. I remember the song we sang for the congregation. We were not great, but they were gracious. Rosie, I hope you held on to the collection plate better this time. I think about the children at the orphanage, they have grown a full year older, wow, that baby I held is now a toddler. It is wonderful to read your stories, Continue to say safe. Give Paula, Denny, Mary Ellen, and Lucy our love, oh, and to James also.. Blessings to all of you! Bob and Shirley

  10. Congratulations to you all on a great personal expediton with a major humane purpose. You have chronicled it well. Final Four—Kentucky vs Louisville and Kansas vs Ohio St.
    Mike Garrity

  11. Kevin, I really enjoyed your blog entry. Your definition of “wealth” was spot on. Somehow, many of us have seemed to fall away from the true definitions of “wealth” and “success.” We to often equate both to money or material possessions and we lose so much as a result … we sort of drive ourselves to moral poverty. Thank you for reminding us all of the true meaning of wealth. May we all grow richer!

  12. Is anyone playing with the Happy Hippos? What creative scenarios have you come up with? Love your blogs.

  13. Kevin, I had no idea you could be so eloquent since you love deleting email. 😉 I agree with your Mom, you may have found a new calling, you are a natural. I emailed Chrisna and told her you were in Africa and she said Hi and hoped you enjoyed your trip and loved the country as much as she does. Everyone here is anxious to see your pictures and hear more on your return. Have a safe trip back and “take care of those toes.” 😉

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