March 25 | Jeff H

6 thoughts on “March 25 | Jeff H”

  1. Hi to everyone…..I love reading your blog posts! Thanks for sharing your experinces. Sounds like you are all making a huge difference in the lives of those you are caring for. Keep up the good work. You are making us all very proud. Is there any way to post a few pictures? Wishing you all safe travels back here to LaCrosse. It’s cloudy and rainy here on this Monday AM. Yesterday it was beautiful. Everything is green and budding. My husband wanted to mow the lawn yesterday…on March 25th! That would be a record! Cheryl…..Heritage planning is going well. Invites will go out by the end of the week. I’m sure your voicemail at home is full of emergency prom alteration requests! Sandy, I attended the “In your name” luncheon last week….the note Sister LeClaire read from you was wonderful. Congrats to you and the mission for the recognition award. Hannah, Annie was at our house this weekend…we were talking about your experience…Jada and Annie are wondering if the boys are cute!? HA! Typical girls….Have fun, travel safe and see you back here in LaCrosse! Fondly, Jill Blokhuis

  2. How wonderful to have Tanzanian medical students to help with interpretation and help the team learn more of the language. Glad to hear they’ve had rain. ( btw – Spring rains in the Midwest today ) Sounds like your team is going above and beyond expectations. Bravo to all!!

  3. Had to make another comment about a post I reread….cups to “share” beer at the pub…what is this u speak of?!?! 🙂
    Miss you all and my Tanzanian friends even more with each story. Can’t wait ro hear more upon your return.

  4. Jeff, and all, hello, and thank you for the news! It’s good to hear that you have better facilities and more reliable electrical service, and that the team is working well together in the face of all the challenges there. (I wonder if six-handed whist is possible? : – ) Here in the Driftless Region, it’s far more like March than it has been in more than two weeks. Rainy, cold northeast wind and gusting, low 40sF — we are back in Wisconsin in early springtime, for certain. Yesterday seemed more like late April with sun, and people out basking and soaking it up like turtles on a log. One knows it’s spring when the motorcycles roar, and your dog needs a haircut, and all kinds of stuff is already coming up through the winter mulch on the garden. Speaking of that, one of my favorite spring treats at the farmers’ market is green garlic with the extended white garlic bulb is like a shallot or a green onion, and really, really good as a basis of many dishes. You must have garlic there. You haven’t mentioned eating fish; I wonder if those from the lake are ok to eat? Hope so. Regardless, have a wonderful day, and many “Kuwashukuru you’s” for all you are doing there. John

  5. Sue and Keith (and team),
    Jim and I are loving the updates and pray for you and your team often. What a wonderful thing it is to experience the joys of a different culture. I am so grateful for your daily updates. We look forward to them. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures and SEE PICTURES. Keith – you ARE taking pictures, aren’t you?? 😉
    Much love from Jim and Beth Smith

  6. Greetings from the Midwest! Sounds like you’re doing great work and making a big impact in Nyakato. Say hi to all the clinic staff for us and don’t stay up too late!

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