March 26 | Kristy, Lori, Eric

6 thoughts on “March 26 | Kristy, Lori, Eric”

  1. Before another moment/day goes by, I want to thank Brianne so much for maintaining this blog!! Thank you Brianne, we all appreciate it!! Each person’s perception of things/events has been informational, uplifting, educational, inspiring!! Thank you for all you’ve done, I’m sure you feel you’ve gotten much more than you’ve given. Safe travels home for all of you & I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s “peektures!!” God Bless!!

  2. What an incredible adventure you all have had! I can’t wait to see you guys again and hear and see all your stories and photos. Safe travels! See you soon!


  3. I can’t say it enough…to hear of your experiences and connections is incredible. I am absolutely living vicariously through you all as I feel sad you must leave the endearing souls you have met and their beautiful home. It has been a highlight to read about your days and the people you meet.
    I imagine the experience has been transformative and the connections you have made, with the Tanzanian people and each other, will stay in your hearts.

    Safe travels. Many blessings. Thanks for sharing!

    Sandy, Take all the time you need….got it covered.

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for the stories and the wonderful detail about your work and play and travel about, pretty amazing to us cheese-heads and minn-knee-so-tans, also the iow-ish among us. You have worked very hard and will never forget the experience. The world is a better place for this effort; you are a blessing to many people there, and their families, too. Well done!

    After a day of real March yesterday, cold rain, low clouds, freezing rain even up north, the southeast winds brought the warm air back up river by mid-day today with sun and gusty, kite-ripping winds, a both hands on the wheel driving kind of commute along the big river. With the winds blowing almost directly upstream, it looked remarkable calm, and if you had a sail, as that first white-man’s steamboat up the river did, you’d be flying north. Not much of a flood this year, for certain. The leaves on the trees seem to have paused their bursting forth in the three cool days, yet the fruit trees are flowering hardily, and their perfume floats all around. The spider-wort is blooming, and marsh marigold, too. The wily morels can not be far off — pray for more rain!

    Have a great safari and/or trip home. Godspeed, and thank you so much! John

  5. I’m going to miss all of the wonderful adventures you have had on your trip. Can hardly wait for you to get home to give some hugs and hears and see more stories and pictures.
    Have a save journey!
    Love to all
    Mom G-Sue

  6. Hearing about the trip was really cool. I can believe that the hardest part is saying goodbye. It seems like it always is. But there is always good ahead! Im super jealous that you get to go on a safari! That is going to be awesome. Dad, (not sure if you’re going to get this, but) getting beat at euchre? That’s gotta sting.. Good to see that you’re still educating everyone on swahili. Even over the internet:) Sounds like you’ve had an awesome time and you’ve definitely done your part. Life for me in Wisconsin has been about the same. Track started and i’m glad for that. At home I’ve either been busy doing stuff or me, or making forts with Ty and Addie. Now I finally realize how Hannah felt with me…:) I’m also excited to go to the Hunger Games movie with Kenzie this Friday. But that’s really it… I can’t wait to see all of you and hear your stories!! Love you all to the moon and stars and back, Sara

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