March 27 |

2 thoughts on “March 27 |”

  1. Terrific reports, folks, thank you so much for sharing! I am so glad to hear how well it has gone — makes me “homesick” for my Guinea, from my peace corps days. I think this is a trip you all will never forget, and you will be also doing the peace corps mission of bringing the culture home to your families & friends & regaling them with stories for years to come! I still hear myself in the lunchroom at work “when I was in Africa …” even though it was 20 years ago. I can see the sights & smell the smells & feel the warm moist air from your wonderful descriptions — maybe trying not to smell the smells too much, haha! I can’t believe you’re about done, enjoy the safari! Good work & thank you! Two major impressions — don’t you now feel like, it is “Mother Africa” – the vastness, timelss aspects of lifestyle … and the amazing spirit of the people, the hospitality, etc. Cindy — Lorie’s niece

  2. Hope you are enjoying you post mission decompression —but it will take weeks to recover from the jet lag, culture shock and lingering memories of some of your greatest contributions to humanity. It seems appropriate you get to return into Christian’s “Holy Week”. Thanks for all you have done for the dear people of Tanzania. You are the kind of people that give the world great hope!

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