On the way!

8 thoughts on “On the way!”

  1. way to go cousin for having the oldest suitcase. safe travels, and I don’t want any phone calls from you to my work. Unless you’re just telling me you’re having a great time. luv ya

  2. Safe travels to all team members. Know we are thinking of you everyday as you do your extraordinary work. Any blue monkeys yet ? Dennis,Denyse and Bryce…

  3. Please excuse the double post but, Abe – you did awesome on your ABSITE – 94% (total test percentile within your level of training)!!!

  4. Wishing everyone on the team safe travels and good work for the mission. Jan and I are having a great time at the Gulf Shores, better weather than LaCrosse. Jan loves traveling 45 mile per hour.
    Take care and God’s Blessings.

    Cindy 🙂

  5. Kathy you may have the oldest suitcase but you are looking great. Have a good time after your done and a safe trip home. Diane

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