Saturday 3/1 | Kathy

6 thoughts on “Saturday 3/1 | Kathy”

  1. Thanks for your note…we are all excited about your adventure…good luck!

    As for the clothes…I am sure there are plenty in the local market…and underwear?….well I am sure Sig knew some old Norwegians that considered that optional…Jeff

  2. Hello! I am glad that you all made it safely and mostly unscathed. That must have been a hard landing! I hope you get your luggage soon. Now I will always pack clean underwear, a tooth brush, and a paper clip to use as a screwdriver in my carry-on. From now on you must go to the restrooms in pairs! I love seeing the photos. Safe travels to all.

  3. My goodness! You’ve had your share of adventures already! But I like the advice Deb gave above. Here’s mine: Maybe you could wear several layers of underwear. That would leave more room in your carry on bag, and it might make a softer place to sit. I’m not sure you could take a paperclip on the plane with you. But you could use the pull on a zipper as a screwdriver. Remember the buddy system for swimming? I think you need it for trips to the bathroom, too.
    God bless all of you!

  4. I remember the trip to Tanzania involved some strange shower room activities so I am not surprised this trip is taking on a bathroom theme. If I were Abe, after the rough landing and being locked in the bathroom I would have immediately volunteered to go back to Amsterdam to fetch the luggage. Then, I would have stayed in Amsterdam drinking $11 cups of coffee until the rest of you returned to take me home. Although, I would hate to miss the traditional Ethiopian cuisine of red stuff and brown stuff which sounds delicious and colorful. I love Deb’s paperclip idea and plan to add one to my pocket toolkit pronto.
    Man, I really hope that luggage arrives for y’all. I’m just worried that the baggage door won’t open in Amsterdam, so they’ll send the plane back to Minneapolis. Hang in there.

  5. So happy to hear Abe’s name but not the context!! Be sure and do the buddy system. We are praying for your luggage and your safety and for your good work to be done.

  6. Dear Colleagues – glad you made it! You’re probably in Yetebon by now, or will be in the morning. Sorry for the rough travel and lost baggage. We can imagine the certain launch of the ‘gunderware’ brand after this (thanks, Marna!).

    Meanwhile, a bright, cold day on the well-frozen Mississippi River today — with the sun high enough to feel it through a dark winter coat, even in a chilly wind — we may top out at about 3F. We keep telling ourselves that this cold cannot last, so we are happy to hear that there are places on Earth as warm as where you are near the Equator.

    Early today Joyce and I had a fun short visit with friends in Minneapolis, who three years ago yesterday (when several of you were in Tanzania), met their two Ethiopian adopted-children-to-be in an Addis Ababa orphanage for the first time. The next day, our friends traveled south to the Souther Nations of Ethiopia to meet and thank the father of these two wonderful children, who had given them up at the request of his dying wife that they might get an education. Now, three years later, Samuel, 11, and Dinkenesh, 7, are really thriving with their elementary school teacher parents in cold Minnesota, while you will be only 65km (40+mi) from where they were born.

    I’ve had the honor of helping Sammy and his dad look for the kids’ native village online, a tiny place just 2-3km north of Bonoshe in Shashago province, about 18km southeast of Fonka, and 26km east of Hoseana, both on Route 9, the highway you took to Butajira, just east of Yetebon. The village is Asheto, and we’ve nearly pegged it with the help of a very bright child with a strong geographical bent and awareness of his surroundings from tending his father’s goats in the countryside. So, as they say, it’s a small world. If you hear of Asheto near Bonoshe, please let us know.

    Thank you all very much for doing the important work of serving and healing and restoring patients there, and for inspiring the children to what they might become.

    God bless and keep you,

    p.s. We hope to shelve our lon-gundies by the end of the week! : – )

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