Sunday 3/2 | Jeff

15 thoughts on “Sunday 3/2 | Jeff”

  1. Hello from Alaska, glad things are working out for you all. Just wanted to let Abe know that the Iditarod re-started yesterday in Willow even though it’s kind of warm. But like one musher said it’s always something…too warm too cold not enough snow, too much snow…so they just go for it anyway.
    We had dinner with Don yesterday in Anc and watched the sun go down over Cook Inlet, it was beautiful. The days are definitely getting longer now.
    We skyped with your family yesterday, looks like all is well there. Iz was counting her toes for us, I reminded her that her other Grampa has six toes. Ha. I’m sure she’ll be checking when he gets there.
    Best to you all, lg

  2. So thankful that you all finally are in possession of your luggage. Bless you all & please keep watch on our Lori!!

  3. We taught some of our pot holes and roads where bad. Be careful walking we don’t need anyone getting hurt.

  4. Hi, all! Congratulations for arriving safe & staying healthy thus far, yay! And so glad your bags came in time to be of use too! Makes you appreciate our roads, altho it is pothole season here too – I saw some that big in Baraboo. Lori, Colton & I made Uncle Rick’s low carb, cottage cheese pancakes yesterday, & they turned out so great — he begged to have them again for lunch and dinner! here’s my recipe: 4 eggs, scant cup or cottage cheese, scant cup ww flour, 1/3 cup corn meal, 2 T oatbran, some milk to get to pancake consistency, & they were awesome! We were rushed to get to our Unitarian church service, where I lit a candle for my job interview – our interim minister said, “here light 2 for that” & handed me 2 – cute! so instead of the cute little silver dollar cakes – which always run together & are hotter on inside of cast iron fry pan than outter edge – I went for the one big cake filling center of pan — wow that worked better, more evenly cooked, & got thru batch quicker. Meanwhile, my sweet Colton (11) on his own scrambled us up a dozen eggs (leftovers for my low-carb breakfasts this week with beans & salsa). Wausau was -18 this am, so enjoy that lovely tropical vaca -erm, ok, not vaca, but still enjoy the heat! Reading some great Tao books by Wm Martin, the Tao of Parenting, & The Tao of Forgiveness, may the Tao of your trip be all good, lots of success in every realm! Hope you have time to look at the sky & just be.

  5. I am so impressed with your sense of humor through all that you’ve been through! I enjoyed the photo of everyone smiling while waiting for the van. Glad you got all of your yellow-handled luggage back. What a great idea! You all will be in our prayers. What types of surgeries will you be doing? God’s blessings on all of you! We got more snow today. Do you miss that?

  6. Love your site and the pictures. Glad to hear that your luggage did catch up with you, although I had been betting that Cheryl was becoming wealthy from undie sales. Stay healthy and hope all your work goes well.

  7. Hi Mom, and rest of the team!

    Sounds like you’ve got me beat in the grueling travel department again. Getting to New Zealand only required 3 flights, and we got J.R.R. Tolkien themed safety videos and free NZ wine to smooth the passage. Glad to hear you’ve finally been re-united with your luggage, anyway.

    I hope you can do some good work, enjoy meeting some new people, and soak up the sights, sounds, and smells of Ethiopia! I’m thinking of you.

  8. We are so happy you all finally got your luggage! Goodluck with your first day at Project Mercy and we hope the surgeries go well! Looks like the accommodations are very nice. It snowed a few inches here in La Crosse and temperatures have been in the negatives…we are hoping for warm weather soon! From Rosie, Emma, Montey, Marley, Sammy, Bootsy and Pongo.

  9. Dear Colleagues – Thank you for the news of your arrival in Yetebon, and the details and photos of travels, food, accommodations, and plans for the real work of your mission. Glad you got your luggage back, too. What a journey!

    Today, after another clear, sun-bright, cracking sub-zero morning, the clouds rolled in, and we began to believe that the weather-folk really do know that warmer weather will arrive in another 36 hours. With a bit of pending snow here and there, we will likely see temperatures above freezing before the week is out. Hooray!

    If that was not enough excitement for one day, this evening we got a call from our friends in Minneapolis with a shouting 11 year-old in the background thanking me for helping to find his village, indeed, his house, in Ethiopia — just 65km, 40 miles plus, south of where you are now. Pretty cool. : – )

    In fact, in the ripples of what you are doing category, because you went to Ethiopia, I began looking for Yetebon, and on finding it, resumed the off-and-on search for Sammy and Dinkenesh’s village, more than two and a half years in process. Sammy knew where he lived, but could not quite locate it. Yet, thanks to Ethiopian geographers who listed the town where he went to church with coordinates online, and credit to the people at Google Earth with their path elevation profile widget along the road north of there (was the sun on your left or right – did you go up hill or down, etc.?), and finally Bill Gates’ Bing Maps with its show-stopping, child-thrilling high resolution satellite imagery, we all helped two Ethiopian kids feel connected to the place they were born.

    So, thank YOU for being there!

    1. Hi Lori and the everyone,
      Well, your pictures show what most of us are hoping for here, soon.
      I got up to snow and 8 degrees this morning, in case you are wondering if the weather has changed here yet.

      Keep safe.

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