Wednesday 3/5 | Jeff, Lori, & Amy

12 thoughts on “Wednesday 3/5 | Jeff, Lori, & Amy”

  1. I am always fascinated reading your blogs. Since son Kevin was part of the team in 2012, I haven’t missed reading them & I look forward to them every day. From the pictures & names, I recognize several of you that were on that same team. You do great work & I pray for the success of your mission. Love all the stories & especially love the pictures. Keep up the good work.
    Mary Duffy, Adel IA

  2. Hello to all serving in Ethiopia. I absolutely love reading your blog and keeping up with your activities. (This is the first time I have sent a message and still not sure that I have mastered it yet.) I admire your adventure-some spirits as you serve those who are not as fortunate as we are in the coulee region to have great healthcare.
    You are missing nothing here except the thrill of temps over 20 today!! WooHoo.
    I will continue to follow your posts and pray for a continued successful mission and journey home. Take care and God bless.

  3. Most of you don’t know me, I am Kathy’s friend from Texas. I am enjoying reading the blog every day. Bless you all for all the good you are doing. Praying for each of you every day, and for healing for the patients you have operated on.
    Enjoying all the stories you all write about. It makes me feel like I am there with you. Reminds me so much of the many trips I have been on. Keep up the good work. You are truly making a difference.

  4. Thanks for the updates…brings back GREAT memories of a Great Tanz trip and a great team. Keep up the good work…wish I were there to share

  5. Love reading your blog! Your story telling makes me feel like I am right there! You are touching lives in a special way. What a gift. Looking forward to more updates 🙂 Sandy Lj

  6. So very interesting to follow your activities and to see how much you are learning about your partners’ daily lives. I am sure your brains are going 24 hours a day thinking of ways to have impact in this setting! Your story about lack of electricity and babies being born reminded me of a product I learned about called something like “Solar in a suitcase”. It has been used to provide enough light at night to an operating room to complete emergency cases including operative births. It has lowered the infant mortality in places where lack of lighting prohibits safe operative birth. Just one of many low tech solutions to vexing problems.

  7. Hello to all, glad to hear all is going well, I hope someone can find some Tim’s Cascade Jalopeno chips for Abe???
    Iditarod update: Jeff King is ahead a bit now and into Ruby, all big names behind him, Buser is 6th out of Cripple but he’s taken his 24 hour layover and none of those in front of him has so maybe there’s hope for him. DeeDee and a number of others have been injured or broken their sleds on the rough terrain and have dropped out.
    Went ice fishing yesterday, put the first miles on our new machine. It ran nice and the fish cooperated. We got a dozen or so nice Northern Pike. Had a regular blizzard here yesterday, must of gotten 7-8″ of powder. Caused a lot of problems. What a joke for us.
    Heard Bob had a smelly flight recently.
    Hope you and all are well, and thanks for the cool write-ups.

  8. Abe- Charlie Stripes is on hospice. If you tap on the glass, he’ll hold a fin up but that’s about it. Izzie started swim class today; she’s proud of blowing bubbles. Your Dad comes tomorrow; looking forward to the help with Izzie. Jeffie Jeff has plowed the driveway a couple of times for me. We miss you.

  9. There are 2 types of luggage – carry-on and lost. Sorry that yours was the latter:( Enjoy reading your updates and to read the names of past and present coworkers:) Lori, I can see you high stepping with that rat running around. I think our morning walks up the stairs to OSC prepared you for this! Still cold and white here. Keep up the good things you are doing for others! The team is in my prayers.
    Judy G.

  10. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Was in Houston, Tx this week visiting the Texas Medical Center…which really is 1000 acres of healthcare – you may all be very familiar with this, but I guess I have been living under a rock. There are 21 hospitals at Texas Medical Center, like Memorial Hermann ( the first), MD Anderson, Methodist, St. Luke’s, ….. There are 7000 beds there! There are 6 medical/nursing schools……in total 51 organizations are part of this.
    We are truly living in abundance, thank you for what you are doing in a place of no abundance, except for the need and the will of the people.
    On Tuesday we visited the International Space Station control room at the Johnson space center…..and I watched the Space Station on screen traveling over Ethiopia!!! I thought of you working hard to create better health and life for the kids and adults there. I am sure I saw Deb out strolling to the OR… Ha!
    Jean Krause

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