Saturday 3/8 | Kathy, Ellen, Iyad

4 thoughts on “Saturday 3/8 | Kathy, Ellen, Iyad”

  1. Hey great write-ups all, it’s nice to hear a little bit about all of you and what you’re up to. It’s very moving to read.
    Iditarod update for Abe: Into Shaktoolik, along the Sound, is Zirkle, King, Buser and Lindner (who’s never won). Zirkle is down to 11 dogs and the others are moving up on her. It’s good mushing temp finally so the dogs are good, it’s -3 up there and clear.
    Clare is busy here, she’s into everything and carts what she finds off like a little packrat. You can tell she’s got something when you look at her and she puts her head down. Like you can’t see her or something.
    13 here and clear this am, we’re going to go ice fishing if all works out.
    later, lg

  2. You say that when
    Jeff H plays euchre that he table talks………. my experience is that it is more like “table SHOUTING”

  3. My! What an entertaining read on a Sunday evening — 60 Minutes can’t hold a candle to you! Thank you for the inspiring and funny biographical sketches, Kathy; the tale of the hike up the mountain, Ellen; and the wry addenda, Iyad. What fun reading, and very much appreciated here at home!

    Our meager story contribution can be to begin raving about the weather, and how glad we all are to be released from the deep freeze — even with snow and sleet in the forecast tomorrow. Today, as was yesterday, promises to be another gorgeous day with temperatures in the mid-40s F and sun. Hooray! The immediate effect of the the thaw, is, of course, water and puddles and overflowing still-frozen street gutters everywhere. While the ice houses are off the lakes in southern Minnesota, the ice road truckers could still be out there — especially in the Superior, Wisconsin harbor, where the ice will challenge the Coast Guard icebreakers at 42″ thick!

    Yesterday, sipping coffee with my dad downriver, we watched the effect of the rising sun light up the western line of trees on the Iowa riverbank with fine detail invisible in the mist the day prior. The sky was faint blue and pink, and the wide expanse of river ice blue with many mirror-like patches of newly frozen from the surface thaw the day before. As the sun rose over the bluff behind us, the ice began to glow pink and gold in a line that moved very slowly toward us, leaving the ice behind it bright white and brilliant in the sunshine. Ah, springtime!

    We had celebrated in life of J. Frederic Roules, MD with his family and friends on Saturday in a memorial service that really inspired and encouraged us. This family physician, the son of a Greek immigrant shoemaker and an equally able woman, made his last house call only a month before he died at age 88. What is it about the practices of medicine and nursing that brings people to such service? Are they, are you all, as the pastor noted in the eulogy, among those determined ones — like Dr. Roules — the people on the roof of the house at Capernaum, removing the tiles, and lowering their paralyzed patient to be healed? I think so.

    On the way back north yesterday afternoon, rolling in sunshine with a strong southwest tailwind, I saw weeping willows beginning to turn yellow with new growth, and other willows beginning to turn red, and the definitely red osier dogwood nearly as purple as grape juice. Spring will not be stopped. The cardinal is already singing merrily outside in spite of any change to the hour of dawn by moving our clocks forward yesterday.

    Thank you for sharing the stories of your mission, and for serving there with joy and dedication. God bless, keep on,

  4. I really enjoyed the narrative about all of the members of the team! It provides a nice picture of everyone’s individual personality. It sounds like everyone on the team is bonding nicely-keep it up!

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