Sunday 3/9 | Sig, Kathy, Cheryl

8 thoughts on “Sunday 3/9 | Sig, Kathy, Cheryl”

  1. I think you are all amazing … for the work you are doing, the time you have given, for what you are teaching them … and also for what you are teaching us (about giving – about patience – about faith crossing every border & every boundary and so much more). I look forward to your stories each day – whether they be humorous (still laughing about the rat jumping out of the drawer) – or heart-rending (like several have been). Thank you for what you are doing!!! May you travel home safely.

    Kathy Davig

  2. Cheryl – I like to come up with nicknames for people I work with. I think “sweaty knees” might be a good one for you. Next time I bug you for an encounter, I’ll try it out!

  3. I look forward to reading your daily blog! What wonderful storytellers you all are. LOL as I read about “adventures with Cheryl” my dear friend. Am looking forward to hearing more stories in person upon your return. Yesterday was daylight savings time – ‘spring ahead’. Sunshine and warmer temperatures, melting snow and singing birds. Safe travel to you all!

  4. It is very refreshing to hear your stories about food/coffee preparation as well as stories about recycling and using items that are generally thrown away. I agree that it makes you realize how much we take for granted in America and how wasteful we are as a society. Sharing your stories is the first step at promoting awareness and hopefully you will continue to share this knowledge with others when you come home.

    Keep up the good work : )

  5. I continue to enjoy reading the blogs. Truly you as a team are making a difference. Cheryl, I guess your previous name as “The Red Tornado” will change to “sweaty knees”, Dr. B. Will need to know the whole story.
    FYI, Cheryl—Joanne bought a new sewing machine. The sewing machine can sew 1000 stitches a minute. Just think how many curtains you could make.
    Continue on your mission. Blessings to all.

  6. We are proud of the what great world connectors you are….the learnings will go both ways for a long time…..thanks


  7. Good morning! Rather, good afternoon, there, where you are likely still busy at the day’s tasks. Thank you, Dr. Sig, for your first blog post, nicely done, and the detail of your garden walk, the church service, the appendectomy, and your thoughts on our abundance. Indeed. Also, thank you, Kathy, for explaining the sweaty knees that Dr. Jeff diagnosed for Cheryl. Did anyone get the new ICD-10 code for that condition? Sometimes you need a surgeon, and sometimes you need a plumber. Cheryl, how satisfying to see many children wearing clothes that you had just mended. They must be a joy to hear singing and laughing, Thank you!

    Back here in the Driftless Region, the first thing I did this morning, after our near summer-like Monday yesterday — with temperatures well into the mid-fifties all the way to the Canadian border — and people walking outside everywhere with (get this!) no hats or mittens, was to turn our old boiler-furnace on again. : – ) Oh, just a pause on the way to warmer weather, but it’s back to rain and sleet today and 38F, then light snow tomorrow and 22F down to 12F Wednesday night, then sun again and a little warmer for Friday and the weekend. A real Wisconsin and Minn-knee-so-ta spring, in other words. I don’t suppose they have radiators indoors there, do they? I hope people were able to get out into the new Legacy employee garden yesterday afternoon — it may still be locked in snow and ice, though, but not for long!

    Our Minneapolis friends with the Ethiopian children continue to explore the kids’ neighborhood by annotating their Bing map using its save-able ‘my places’ feature. They will share it with other friends in the states who also have Ethiopian adopted children, and whom they met there when they were there. Returning for a visit appears highly likely. When we see your schedule for the next mission to Project Mercy and the hospital in Yetebon, I will make sure they know in time to write to the kids’ family there, so that if needed they can make the trek north for care.

    Just heard the cardinal’s first whistle outside in the gray dawn. I wonder what birds you hear there, and if any raptors or buteos or falcons remain to keep the rats in check? I hope so.

    Have a fine evening, great food, and fun euchre! Thank you for your hard work, sacrifice, and service! John

  8. p.s. From the time signatures on these posts, the WordPress server appears to be in Reykjavik (GMT-1), five hours east of La Crosse (GMT-6), and four hours west of Addis Ababa (GMT+3), yet with a -1 factor for our new CDT, or now 8 hours from us to you.

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