4 thoughts on “Pictures!”

  1. Nice photos! Are you sure you’re not working at some kind of restaurant? I see lots of pic of good foods.

    Iditarod update for Abe: big news, big shakeup last night around 1 am, Jeff King got ‘blown off the trail in hurricane force winds and his dogs were tangled for two hours.; And he scratched!
    Aliy Zirkle passed him out of Safety and then somehow Dallas Seavey passed her in the storm. He won by a little over two minutes. She was second and his Dad Mitch came in 3rd.
    We should see the videos today, must have been crazy.

    Talked to your Dad yesterday to see how things were going, They’d been very busy and were currently baking cookies for your neighbor across the street. I think he was having fun.

    38 and windy here today. Have fun on Safari.


  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures! the market looks like it has a lot of interesting items! We’re also jealous of the nice weather you are having over there. Hopefully you enjoy the safari! Emma, Rosie, Sammy, Bootsy, Montey, Marley and Pongo.

  3. Thank you for the cool photos of the flag raising, your hard working anesthetist, the wonderful market, and you relaxing at the pub! Nice to get some down time after long travel and intense work, to be sure. We hope you have a very fine safari, and get to see lots of great sites and large (and small) flora and fauna!

    Meanwhile, we had only rain yesterday with lots more melting and free flowing runoff, and today sunny, but temperatures dropping all day from a high in the low 30sF to 12F tonight with snow. Then a high of 42F tomorrow with another chance of snow. The March roller coaster!

    The big river has shaken off its smooth white coat for the beginning of breakup as surface waters run atop the ice and the gathering melt lifts it from below. The trees on the bluffs had the faintest cordovan sheen to them yesterday as the leaf buds begin to swell on gray limbs and twigs. A few geese and eagles are making their journeys north. Runners and walkers are out. Brad, in IS, reported seeing two mosquitoes on hike Sunday – so we are seriously getting toward spring. Hooray!

    Have a fine safari and safe travels – thank you for your mission!

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