Monday 3/10 | Abe

3 thoughts on “Monday 3/10 | Abe”

  1. Oh, how I love to see the photos! It’s great to see the landscapes, the surgical team at work, the local Surgeon and Nurse, and the crowded van. It is so funny to be interrupted with a coffee ceremony. ( I loved that photo, too ) It’s not just a five minute drive-through in the morning! I guess it’s good to relax and smell the coffee sometimes but difficult when you have so much work to do! You have all earned some time off to see more of the country . Safari time? Safe travels to all.

  2. What a blessing you have all been to so many and how delightfully informative and interesting this blog has been. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Dr. Abe, for your great descriptions and stories of the work, and the interesting photos! You all have enlivened our days with these communications, and we really appreciate it. The photos are wonderful, and portray the beautiful land and your fine Ethiopian colleagues and team mates very well.

    After a sunny start to a cooler day yesterday, we had a brief but intense snow squall that departed by mid-morning and left behind barely half and inch of new snow, soon, sublimated and melted by a bright sun, but with a bite of north wind to remind us that it is yet mid-March. I talked with someone in St. Louis who reported 83F on the weekend, and then light snow yesterday.

    Today, we should be again in the mid-40s after a low in the teens F last night. The snow has a hard crust on it, and has lost much of its depth already. Willows and dogwoods are beginning to take on their spring colors just a little. The hardwoods all together have that look of expectancy in their crowns as they wait for more light and warmth to bud and leaf.

    In any case, do enjoy safari, the warm weather there, and thank you for all you do! John

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