Safari finds

3 thoughts on “Safari finds”

  1. Wow! Great shot of the lion! My Daughter went on a safari in Tanzania after she climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. I would love to see the wild animals in their natural habitats. Enjoy your time being tourists now. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Kathy and Rosie, for the post about the ancient rock hewn church, and the market, and the dairy cattle – what contrasts along the path of human history and culture! You recounted it well for us, and we really enjoyed reading it all.

    With the African trio above still fresh in your minds, you all must be gearing up for the long trek home. While waiting for oatmeal and coffee barely resembles waiting for airplanes — except perhaps finally getting to the real thing — I commend you all for patience, endurance, persistence, grit, dedication, steadfastness, tirelessness, devotion, purpose, stubbornness, diligence, resolve, drive, resolution, doggedness, and… tenacity you demonstrate so well, and that has contributed to the success of your mission to the great benefit of the people of Ethiopia and Project Mercy. Congratulations! You make us very proud to participate even vicariously in Global Partners.

    In a couple of days or so, Wisconsin will welcome you back to what may be — we hope — a real Midwestern spring with bright sun and brisk winds, retreating snow and ice, spring showers, an occasional flurry or two, oh, what the heck, maybe a blizzard, who knows, also, floods, thunderstorms, perhaps a tornado – yikes. No wonder and good thing the great African human migration took thousands of years to get here — time to toughen up to live in the Upper Mississippi River valley. Don’t worry, your furnaces are still working, and your families and colleagues will happily welcome you home.

    You’ll be here in time for the clear dawns, the spring green colors, wild flowers blooming, migrating birds flying and singing, warm afternoons, walks and hikes, great conversations and story telling, meals with family and friends, and a good night’s rest.

    Have a fine trip home, enjoy the views and the people, and keep smiling. Thank you so much for making this mission journey and for making us feel a part of it! John

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