Tuesday 3/11 | Kathy, Rosie

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 3/11 | Kathy, Rosie”

  1. Hello traveling hero doctors and nurses! Well I meant to send more comments but after the first one I could no longer find the comment button on the website. And just today I found there is a comment button in the email so here you go. I have been following the blogs and really enjoying them all. I think the story about the rat being killed by a white Dansko is the best one!!lol! I bet you guys are all completely exhausted what with all the coffee ceremonies and trying to sleep with sounds and smells and food and everything that is not in your routine. I especially appreciated the detailed description of the coffee ceremony. When I was in Ginny West Africa in the Peace Corps there is a similar ritual over in west Africa but it’s done with black Chinese tea and about a whole cup of sugar in a little bit of mint. Tea Senegalese or attaya it’s called, mainly I only saw men ever doing the tea ritual and it has a special cute little teapot they put over it a tiny charcoal fire with the same first brew is the strongest and second brew then third brew. They pour it into four tall shot glasses raising the teapot 2 feet up in the air so that the stream produces a lot of phone me bubbles. Then they pour that back in the pot and do it again several times with each brewing. The man prepare this tea sitting in the shade of the mango tree in the hot resting time after lunch 2 PM. And everybody hangs out playing cards. Can you bring me back 2 or three of those children to adopt? I bet if we each take to it would really help out lol. I know , dream on. Lori I am still waiting on the edge of my seat hoping I got my new job and now worrying that maybe I did not get it since it’s taking so long. But it is federal so maybe it’s just the red tape. Colton did a wonderful job playing the Star-Spangled Banner at his school talent show. My mom is coming here on Friday to be present for the big Cub Scout ceremony after five years of being a Cub Scout tiger wolf bear webelo 1 , webelo 2, Colton will be participating in the crossover ceremony at the blue and Gold banquet where he’s presented with an arrow of light and gets his face painted like a Native American and crosses over an actual wooden bridge like the three Billy goats gruff and is welcomed and received into the Boy Scout TROOP after leaving the Cub Scout PACK. Enjoy your Safari!

  2. Have a safe trip home aand thank you for all you have done on this trip. The sewing would be right up my alley!

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