Thursday 3/13 | Deb, Rosie, Lori

One thought on “Thursday 3/13 | Deb, Rosie, Lori”

  1. Good morning – that must be ‘good afternoon’ to you by now, and perhaps you are on your way home. Thank you, Deb, Rosie, and Lori, for the news and great descriptions of your adventures in getting to the hospital (don’t we have a tuk-tuk of sorts? – perhaps it needs a Global Partners paint theme), and assisting in Labor & Delivery, the Amharic-English lessons, the ceremonies, and partings and travel, not to mention four-legged rodent friends, larger albeit preferable to smaller.

    Wow – the safari sounds just amazing, too, and not at all dry, or easy getting around. Still you must have had some sun, too, and so many sightings. With that rain, and the river looking pretty high, I wonder if you were able to get out on it. Surely, you would have been looking for hippopotami and crocodilians — keep the wet side down, ok?

    Back here at home, we’re into a cooler Saturday morning after one of those freeze-dried nights that gets rid of a lot of standing water in lieu of little ice skating rinks everywhere next day. There’s a pale sun and forecast of light snow this afternoon and tonight, then sunny and mid-20s F on Sunday. A migrating finch, I think, one with a song not quite familiar, was singing with all its avian might in the backyard this morning, spreading the word that spring is here, or very nearly, in spite of whatever snow and ice remain. That is a cheery sound and music of the first order!

    Have a great journey home, and good flights and restful, and little jet lag, and a fine welcome with your families. Many thanks for your work and dedication and for sharing your mission! John

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