Saturday 3/15 | Kathy

3 thoughts on “Saturday 3/15 | Kathy”

  1. Welcome home, everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading about your experiences, and I know many people are thankful for your love and service to them.
    What is a hyrax?

  2. Welcome home, everyone. Thank you – not only for what you all did as part of Project Mercy, but also for your daily blogs. I looked forward to them each day!

  3. Welcome home, All! Kathy, thank you for the very descriptive and funny post about your last safari day. We’re glad to hear you had a ranger along to protect the small fauna from any white Dansko clogs. You had amazing sitings, and so many good ones. Now you can go look for the mountain lion rambling all over southeastern-most Minnesota. We are also pleased that you’ve found some relief from the terribly warm weather and high humidity. Did you bring any of that home? In any case, thank you all for your time, sacrifice, and wonderful service on the mission, and for sharing it with us. Congratulations on such fine work! John

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