Thursday, 2/5 | Kathy

8 thoughts on “Thursday, 2/5 | Kathy”

  1. OMG, what a nightmare. Happy everyone is safe. I know your heart is to be with the people in Ethiopa. Blessings to each and everyone for Team One.


  2. You couldn’t have made up this story of you tried! Thank God you have all of us praying for you! May God continue to bless and watch over all of you!

  3. What an ordeal you all have had. So glad you finally mad it safely to DC. Praying the rest of your trip goes smoothly. Kathy, reading this reminded me of the time we flew from Guam to Rota and there were problems on that small plane. I think we waited on the plane while they tried to fix it and eventually had to change planes. God bless you all for the wonderful work you are about to do.

  4. Getting all the “issues” out of the way at the beginning of your trip-smart! The rest of this adventure is sure to be smooth…hopefully : )

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