Tuesday, 2/10 | Devin

15 thoughts on “Tuesday, 2/10 | Devin”

  1. Did I hear correctly that you just asked me to go ‘Shoe Shopping’? (those who know me will definitely understand!!! I am on it……. 😉
    Usually I do not need encouragement or an excuse… ha

  2. Devin, so good to ‘hear’ your voice. 🙂 Wow! What exciting opportunities & learning & serving! Continuing to pray for you & the whole team! The boys LOVE the cars storybook you recorded for them, they (and me!) miss you but we’re all doing well. xoxo

  3. I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful detailed emails that the team is writing. Makes family/friends feel like we are a part of your journey. Regarding Tom’s, I have been wearing them for years and have multiple colors in my closet. It is so reassuring to know that “my” shoes are actually contributing to the well being of the population you are serving. Take care!

  4. Devin,
    It is so nice to hear from you and know that things are going as well as they can. I definitely need some new shoes right now so I am happy to shop with that company and I love that they give back in that way. It actually brought me to tears. I am in awe of what all of you are doing. I look forward to hearing more. Hello to Dr. J. Take care all and God bless.

    Michelle Schmitz

  5. Devin & team,

    What beautiful experiences you’re having so far! It’s neat to hear about the impact you’re making in the lives of these people. GREAT job, team! (Devin, SO cool to hear that TOMS are actually distributed as they advertise!! Thanks for the suggestion to buy more (& Ellie’s first pair) – I’ll tell Dustin it’s doctor’s orders! 😉

  6. Devin, so glad to read that TOMS reps were there. I love the ‘pediatric’ misunderstanding incident! Team 2 has all of you in our hearts and minds. We will see you all soon.

  7. HI Devin!! What a great update! Rochelle andf i are looking up TOMS shoes on line right now..You are all in my thoughts..have a wonderful time and do good things. Dr Jacobs I suppose you want to start a team there! I wish I could see the laughing children. God bless you all

    Lori Schaffer

  8. Hi Mike, so glad to hear you all arrived safely. Exciting to hear of all your activities. Prayers will be lifted for your team to have hearts of humility, compassion and mercy.
    Our team is presently on the Burma/Thai border. We will be staying on the Thai side as we visit with our connections. Pray for us as well. Love Always,Sue Micah6:8

  9. These blog entries are so wonderful in helping those of us “here” be able to get a taste of what it’s like for those of you “there”! So much learning from each little experience. I especially love how you wrote that building the relationships with the children feels like the most important thing you’ve achieved thus far… I’ll put in a shameless plug to take some time to reflect on a question or two from the journal I handed out at one of your last orientation sessions. The “being” is so powerful, moreso than the “doing” even… And I hope you all experience a depth of relationship with each other, Ethiopian colleagues and students that makes this trip like none other!!

  10. Devin, as I read your update I am reminded of this verse… “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans 10:15)… what you shared brings so many layers to this truth! Continuing to pray for you and your team and I will be buying some Toms… You don’t have to tell me twice!

  11. As I would expect, Dr Mallory is in the middle of the soccer activity. I expect in the next blog she’ll have a basketball game going and is probable keeping her eye out for the next college recruit.

    In the rest of sports…..the UDayton Flyers keep winning and now are in a 4 way tie with VCU, RI, UMass for first place.

    Oh yes, my wife and three daughters are doing there part with buying Tom’s

  12. Hello Devin, Dr. Jacobs and your entire group. Devin your detail and genuine compassion expressed in your blog entry was absolutely beautiful it sounds like everything is going as you had hoped and even more rewarding than you already knew it was going to be! I had to google “Bula”(it looks pretty good to me) “Podoconiosis” (how sad it is to know it affects so many and could be prevented.) I also just had to look into Tom’s shoe’s what a wonderful gesture – I will surly be ordering for my family.

    Bless you all! With deep admiration,

    Rhonda Myhre

    PS: your podiatry family misses you both!

  13. As I have said previously, I love reading all of your posts and am so impressed by what you are all doing. It sounds like ‘thinking on your feet’ – making do with not much and being very creative with what you have, is definitely the ‘order of the day’. God Bless you all for giving of yourselves and your talents.

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