Thursday, 2/12 | Cherry

3 thoughts on “Thursday, 2/12 | Cherry”

  1. Thank you all for such descriptive stories of your adventures and encounters as medical missionaries and world travelers! Your photos are delightful and fascinating, as well. We’re proud that you can represent us all there, and that you have the courage and determination to do what you’re doing. Keep on! Meanwhile, you must be longing for a just a bit of that bracing Wisconsin cool breeze. I saw one weather map last evening heralding gusts approaching 50kts up on Superior, at ~1.151 knots to mph. conversion, that would make any big lake mariner’s eyebrows say, “Do-dah,” one would think. A little more tame down our way — we could see for miles in the clear early morning , yet even with more snow inbound tonight we’re sitting on 5F with 10F wind chill at midmorning. You must miss this somehow. : -) Ok, you don’t have to. Have a great rest, and thanks again for all the news! John

  2. I had not been able to read all of your updates fully until this morning. I was thinking of you all as I walked my oldest daughter to the bus stop. It is sunny, bright and cold today, “feels like” -10. So cold, my eyes as well as my 1 and a half year olds were watering involuntarily as we stood waiting for the bus. I know we could not survive here without shoes. Still, I cannot imagine having to walk on lava rock. Thank you for “shamelessly” plugging TOMS Shoes. I will be looking into purchasing them for my family as well. It is especially nice to know of things you can do to help someone in a very real and personal way.
    I am so very glad the power of prayer helped you get through customs. It is really encouraging to know that those of us back here in the states can help in this one very small way. I have to admit my eyes welled up when reading your post about Cofa. I believe you are right and there is an amazing future in store for that young man. I hope today, you are a blessing to those you encounter. It is sometimes the smallest things that make the difference. I know you will encounter challenges. I pray for you that you have the ingenuity and creativity to find a solution, just like you did with the nasal cannula.

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