Sunday, 2/15 | Sig, Jeff, Ashley, Mike, Kathy

4 thoughts on “Sunday, 2/15 | Sig, Jeff, Ashley, Mike, Kathy”

  1. For Ashley, wanted her to know that we went to the BAdger basketball game today vs Illinois. The Badgers won 68-48, and after the game we got to talk to the hometown player Bronson Koenig and meet Bo Ryan. Theya re really on a roll, so you will be home in time for March madness.

  2. Good evening and Thank You for all the wonderful experiences. Reading, you can almost smell the coffee. The score today Sunday the 15th is Ill.-49 & Wisconsin- 68. What a beautiful church service. Amen. Gaylynne

  3. I have so enjoyed reading all your entries while traveling in SE Asia. Mike, I look forward to having a cup of Ethiopian coffee upon your return. I am waiting for a flight from Tokyo-Narita to MSP. MLMBMP,Sue

  4. As always, I so enjoy reading every blog and seeing every photo you send. You are all in my prayers. Thank you so much for what you do. Safe travels!

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