2/14 & 2/15 | Pictures

4 thoughts on “2/14 & 2/15 | Pictures”

  1. Hello everyone,
    Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences – through words and photos – with us!. I truly enjoy reading about your days; the culture, the people you are meeting, the adventures you’re going on and the difference you are making. Makes me feel so proud that Gundersen plays an important role in this. And, the fact that all of you are giving up your time to do a mission like this is heart-warming. I’ve always had a desire to do a mission trip of some sort. I think I’ll start small by hopefully visiting Pine Ridge this summer with my daughter, Jada. She’s a junior at Central high school and a part of the Health Science Academy and that group travels to South Dakota 2 times a year. I am looking forward to meeting new people and to make a small difference in someone’s life. Cheryl – good news…Jada’s prom dress is all taken care of! One less for you to deal with when you return. Jacky – my daughter did a job shadow in Anesthesiology this past Wednesday (through the HSA) and was very impressed. She observed 2 cases – heart and stomach surgeries. The doctors, AA, nurses, etc. were all so helpful and welcoming. This just goes to show what a great teaching facility Gundersen is and what an impact we can make on young adults interested in medicine. It’s warming up here today…I think we’ll hit 12 or 14. Not much for snow fall – it looks pretty brown and gloomy. The Badger basketball team won on Saturday vs. Illinois. Bronston K. had a great game. Fun to follow a local player. Well, back to work….just wanted to say HI and THANKS for sharing your trip with us! Fondly, Jill Blokhuis

  2. Again I enjoy the notes and pictures. Looks like everyone is having a great time and doing great mission work. Cheryl, why did you let Rosie be on the loud sewing machine, do you need oil on foot pedal?? Have safe travels for Team 2. May God Bless each and everyone!!


  3. Good afternoon,
    I want all of you to know how very important these posts and pictures are to your family and friends back in the states. Other years, when my sister, Rosie, went on these trips, I was worrying about her everyday until I knew she was back home in LaCrosse. But this time, I have followed the detailed posts and the colorful pictures, and I am comforted that all is well in your corner of the world for right now. You are all doing such a wonderful service for the people in that area of Ethiopia. You are saints in my book. Thanks for being there and representing the rest of us with such dedication, caring, patience, and love.
    Theresa Krusko
    Baraboo, WI (where it remains quite cold!)

  4. Oh, thanks also for the Sabbath stories, and the great descriptions of church and singing and the Amharic sermon! Some things are universal with language no barrier. We wondering if Team Two has arrived in Yetebon, or perhaps in the morning. You will have a lively reunion and welcome, without doubt! Meanwhile, another mostly clear cold day here, north wind and 10F, colder tomorrow, then more snow. Does this sound at all familiar to you? Remember walking in wind so cold your face burns and your fingers ache…? We thought so…how soon you’ve forgetten! : -) Big news in Wisconsin on the national scene is that the Gov has proposed whacking the UW system budget significantly while deleting the ‘search for truth’ mission statement. He backed away from the latter, not the former. Glee in Gopherland over this, of course, with dreams of beating the Badgers again at one sport after another. (Here, here — pardon!) Meanwhile, thank you for your important work and dedicated service there, and for your stories of the people, culture, and of your interactions. Keep on! John

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