Team Two’s Great Adventure (Day One)

8 thoughts on “Team Two’s Great Adventure (Day One)”

  1. Goodness! Leaving La Crosse seems to be the greatest unseen adventure of these teams. Hope the rest of your travels are less eventful compared to yesterday! So sorry for all the delays but glad you at least finally made it to Dulles.

  2. Team Two, we hope you are in Addis Ababa by now. What an adventure already! You will be ready for that coffee ceremony when you finally get to Yetebon to be sure. Thank you all for the stories and photos, and all the fine creative work. Great job in the library with the kids! A far cry from where I am at the moment on Presidents’ Day, grandparenting in a suburban children’s indoor play park with 500 screaming kids 200 hovering parents and much constant activity. Gotta go! John

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