Wednesday, 2/15 | Updates

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, 2/15 | Updates”

  1. Greetings, Team Two, and bon voyage for the trip toward home, Team One! Glad you’ve made the transition, but sorry to hear about the coffee. We hope you recover it, and are able to carry it home. The shoe ceremony looked as lively, albeit perhaps not as formal as the coffee ceremony. We can almost hear that soprano solo from Handel’s Messiah — “How beautiful are the feet…” Way to go, all of you, and thank you, Tom’s! You’ve made me recall reading a biography of Albert Schweitzer as a kid, and on looking him up recently discovered he almost didn’t make it on his first medical mission because he was a Lutheran – heaven forbid! : -) You can find his J.S. Bach organ recordings today. Meanwhile, here in the cold Upper Midwest, we’re into another clear, very cold day — yet with a NW wind at just 5, it seems almost balmy at only -13F windchill compared to yesterday. How soon we adjust…or not… So best wishes for travels on the one hand, and setting in and getting into the groove of serving patients on the other. Many thanks for all your service! John

  2. So, the travel saga continues. After our group was split at security in Addis, Cherry, Devon, Mike and I kept all our coffee and headed to get our tickets. Cherry discovered she had Mallory’s passport. After the shock wore off, she got ahold of Lali and we said our goodbyes. Unbeknownst to us the 2015 coffee scandal was happening at the same time for the rest of our group.
    We then boarded the ET flight and ended up with an extra hour in Rome due to mechanical issues…making our (Jacky, Becky, Mike, Ashley and my) connecting flight impossible to make. A few phone calls to Travel Leaders, more hours in airports and several flight changes later, we are now in Chicago waiting for a flight to La Crosse with 3 guaranteed seats and Jacky and Becky on standby.
    To be continued…

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