Team 2 | First Full Day

10 thoughts on “Team 2 | First Full Day”

  1. The language barrier does sound difficult-at least the situation turned funny though! i bet that is difficult to see patients have to endure through pain after surgery is over. At least they have you all there to support them and make them as comfortable as possible. The view around the clinic sounds great–with the garden and the mountains. Sounds like a great place to volunteer! hope the trip continues to go well!-Emma

  2. Greetings, All! Thank you for the news of the teams’ transition. We’re really glad you got to share a meal together and stories and news of travels and clinical cases. Very much enjoyed the travelogue and photos of Lalibela & Axum, and the stone churches. Amazing history! Every time we hear about the garden and the food and salads there, we are so happy for you, and commend all the Project Mercy staff for their fine farming and culinary work! Perhaps our Envision crew will now begin discovering ways for us to grow fresh greens and vegetables in the north country in winter. Your language barrier/respiratory therapy story has surely entered the Project Mercy folklore already, and has contributed to the health and well-being of many patients via laughter as best medicine. : -) Yesterday I watched three crows on the river ice with binoculars. They were walking along a perpendicular to the bank crack in the plate ice, a narrow one, but just wide enough for this one crow to hunker down in it for a bird bath polar plunge! It flapped and rolled and shook and preened, admittedly at a balmy 25F, but apparently enjoying it. The other two watched, and like some people seemed to prefer warmer bath water. Big snow and freezing rain south of us near Quincy yesterday. Clear and cold with more subzero wind chills and headwind going north tomorrow. Enjoy the time and work there. Thank you for your service! John

  3. Love hearing about all your experiences, please keep writing & send pictures too. Thank you for all your hard work & all you’re doing. I have left the frigid Iowa temperatures & spending some time in Florida, it is wonderful. Best of health & travels to all on Team 2.
    Mary Duffy (Kevin’s mom)

  4. Oh my..what an awesome privilege! !!! Your writing is awesome, whit!!! Keep up the great work!!! A little less euchre and a little more ukulele!!!

  5. Read about all your adventures. Very proud of all of you taking your talents to those less fortunate. Kevin and Whit, see you when you get back. Dad

  6. Whitney, I love the story of the language attempt! Humor crosses most language barriers. Nothing quite like laughter to bond with the local team.

  7. Love to read the stories and see the pictures of what sounds to be an amazingly beautiful place! thank you for your work, and for giving us a glimpse of what you are experiencing. Linda

  8. Just catching up on your news…..the language is so hard. I remember my first trip to Russia and how hard it was to communicate. The family I stayed with had a 7 year old girl who attempted to teach me the alphabet (and I mean attempted !!) And she took me to school for show and tell! Thank you for caring for the patients and making this trip memorable for us following along.

  9. 🙂 You have just made my day with your language barrier story. Such a great way to bond and laugh with the team. I’m jealous of your outdoor adventures. Its been consistently below zero up in the twin cities, so Ive been walking my dog in no less than 5 layers of clothing….oofta!

  10. I don’t know, Whit, I think sometimes a big fart can go a long way! Hehe 🙂 I’m so excited to hear that everything is going smoothly and you are helping those sweet people through their hardships! It’s true, we are SO blessed to have constant access to medical care in the U.S. Thanks for being our ambassadors to the people of Ethiopia!

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