Team 2 | The Changeover

5 thoughts on “Team 2 | The Changeover”

  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the pillowcases, bags and curtains! How wonderful to provide shoes to the children. I can only imagine the bright smiles on their faces. Stay safe and enjoy your time.

  2. I think that is great that the group is able to give curtains to the clinic and bags to the school children. I bet they will enjoy the pillow cases. The food from the gardens also sounds great. I am jealous of the warm temperatures over there! Temperatures have been below zero here quite often. Hoping it starts to warm up soon.-Emma

  3. Glad everyone is working hard. The vegetable garden sounds great and bountiful. Had Lutefisk and Meatball dinner at church tonight. No I did not eat the fish. Linda from blood bank sat next to me,she enjoyed Lutefisk and many others at the table.
    Have a wonderful week. Could you record the music of the children singing???

  4. Love the story about Toms Shoes. I have several pairs, and its wonderful to hear that the company stays true to their mission! Keep up the great work in the clinic!

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