Feb. 21 | The Mountain Hike

7 thoughts on “Feb. 21 | The Mountain Hike”

  1. To Kevin Duffy: What a wonderful trip for you except for the shower. Was nice to see your name in the e-mail. I am sure you will take lots of great pictures. I would love to see them later. Take care and enjoy this experience of a lifetime

  2. The views in that area sound amazing! i wasn’t sure what was meant by a “false banana field?” i would be interested to learn more about what that means. that is really cool that the community works together to build houses-i bet they are able to get it done a lot faster with everyone working together. Hopefully Kevin is okay haha!-Emma

  3. Greetings! That hike sounds spectacular, and a bit grueling, too, yet clearly worth the view at the top. We hope that Kevin Duffy was able to break out of his dilemma, or at least to get clean, as a start. He’s pretty resourceful. : -) In thinking about treating pain there from your earlier post, and the lack of medications, especially post-operatively (you must’ve thought of this), one wonders if it would be possible to somehow recycle the applicable or useful pain meds for Ethiopia from among the 900 lbs of recently collected excess patient medications in La Crosse County? With the recent federal program end, and the shift to the Wisconsin DOJ with the US DEA, it would still probably be a bureaucratic nightmare. What an irony. Yesterday, in driving north, at least until reaching the southern edge of ‘Gunderdahl’ near Fayette, I noticed that the bottomland willow breaks are beginning to show the faintest red in the tops, and that the red osier dogwood stems in their brushy clumps are displaying a brilliant marroon again — both perhaps driven by the increasingly long days, more sun, and the coming of spring. To me, this is very good news — as much one likes snow, not very much snow is less fun in some sense than more snow, at least for winter sports. Driving in early today, my dashboard thermometer read -14F, but with little breeze, the windchill wasn’t much colder. It’s a see-for-miles, brilliantly clear day here. So, again, thank you for all you do, and for your hard work and care for patients. Way to go! John

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