Feb. 22 | Jeanne, Noreen

7 thoughts on “Feb. 22 | Jeanne, Noreen”

  1. It is interesting to learn that hearing children singing regularly is quite common in that area. It sounds like they not only sing at school and church, but also while they work and play. I am sure that it is wonderful to hear them singing on a regular basis! I also think it is great that the team not only provides medical care, but also lessons for the women and children on knitting, reading…etc. I hope the trip continues to go well in the coming week!-Emma

  2. You are all amazing! It is people like your teams that make me have faith in a world that often feels like it is falling apart. When I was in the Peace Corps they always told me that I would get so much more out of the experience than what my students gained. I spent two years trying to make it the opposite and I still don’t know if I succeeded. So use these two weeks to love on people, support each other, and keep changing the world one person at a time.

    I love reading and keeping up with you all and I’m so jealous! Keep being an inspiration to us all and I hope everyone has had bowel movements now. 😉

    Sending love from Montana!

  3. Sounds like an amazing experience. I’m sure you feel bad about missing the cold weather….-24 driving into work this morning. Glad to hear that you’re finding time to knit.

  4. I enjoy the blogs, keep them coming along with pictures. Everyone is doing fantastic work and the individuals having surgery are blessed to receive compassionate care from GL staff members.
    God is working in many ways!!


  5. What an amazing place you have landed in and what wonderful people you have found. Thank you for being our embasadors of good will. Nothing can be more important than touching the lives of people in need. Your contributions bring us one step closer to world peace. So glad to hear you are knitting. Textiles connect us all.

    Love your stories and your photos, keep them coming if you can.

    Love from the deep freeze
    Margaret and Jenise

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