Feb. 23 | Deb Rislow

13 thoughts on “Feb. 23 | Deb Rislow”

  1. Hi Deb/Team 2, Your mother says to say “Hi” and that everything is fine back here. She/we are enjoying reading the blogs. Our frigid temps have broken, at least for today! Take care, Judi

  2. You are all quite the storytellers! Love all your stories, feel like I am there with you 🙂 Wishing good health, happiness and safe travel. Sandy Lj

  3. Hi Deb and team! Love the updates! Bless everyone for your generous souls to give so much to those in need. Safe travels! Carla

  4. Greetings! Glad to hear the news – good outcomes and exits can be timely and appreciated! : -) Those traveling Norwegians were certainly well-received at Project Mercy, and will undoubtably tell their friends and family back home of encountering the medical missionaries of their 1880’s Norwegian expatriates to American in Africa generations later. A small world. Your work in dentistry, opthalmology & optometry and surgery are very valuable. These services are so available to us in the States, yet not so much in most of the developing world, to restate the obvious, especially to you. On the medication front, I found an online reference to a California-based nonprofit, ‘SIRUM,’ that is collecting donated unopened medications from nursing homes for re-issueing via another nonprofit charitable provider. Other programs in the news appear to have all kinds of problems and challenges. Not an easy road. Sealed and donated may be thresholds, perhaps. Heard from friends with Ethiopian children that the oosha (dogs) in the rural areas there are feral, in packs, and feared. I recall them visiting us for the first time and freezing immediately where they stood at the sight of our dog. On the frozen plane, you must have heard already that we are having a relative heat wave today with light snow and low clouds, winds in the southwest. At least until this afternoon when they will swing west and north and take us back to negative degrees F in temperature and windchill. It is still February, after all. : -) Best wishes for your evening and rest and a new day tomorrow, John

  5. Thanks Deb for the great update and followups. So proud of all you are doing and accomplishing. We all arrived back in the USA safely with very little complication. The only issue at the airport in Addis was a stone that Lori purchased at the airport but didn’t have the proper documents to take it out of the country–no comment on our coffee at all. Lori, Rosie and Kathy made it home at 3pm and we arrived at 9pm. So good to sleep in our own beds again!

  6. Sounds like you guys are accomplishing a lot at the clinic! It’s a good thing you guys were around to assist the visitors from Norway. I’m sure they appreciated the help. The pictures look great! Hope your trip continues to go well!-Emma

  7. Thank you for the updates and stories mom! Andy and I have been reading the blog together every night and have enjoyed keeping up with all of your adventures.

    Im so glad to hear that the team is providing preventative strategies for eye and oral hygiene as this will have a great impact on the community’s overall health. Keep up the great work!

  8. Lefsa is the Norwegians Enjera- no meal complete without it – Stong work all.

    I am sitting in our new ultra modern OR – how blessed we are to have the opportunity to give and to recieve from our experiences and friends in Yetabon. Rode my own Tuk-tuk in this morning ( -6 degrees F) -you all are not missing much in the way of great Wi spring weather.

    For those interested Badgers lost to the terps- / AJ Hawk cut by Packers

    Stay well


    1. This is to Kevin and Whitney Hemauer.
      Hope your doing well, learning and enjoying your stay. Kevin I see your teaching the locals baketball.
      Thanks for the updates. See you soon.
      Dad (Alan)

  9. Deb, I am Dr. Mallory’s Aunt Barb in Plymouth, Michigan. Your letters are really warming my winter days! More importantly, they sure give me a view into what all of you with Project Mercy are accomplishing on the other side of the world. It is all truly amazing, each day, each person you help.
    How proud I am of the work my niece is doing, and alongside so many dedicated people.

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