Team 1 | Final Update

3 thoughts on “Team 1 | Final Update”

  1. Glad to know that you are on US soil! Hope your jet lag won’t last too long. It’s 4:00 AM as I write this…….mine is still a problem!

  2. Welcome home, Team One! We’re glad you made it, and congratulations on a job very well done, and a wonderful journey. You must be weary, and very happy to be home. Good also that you can zip through a brief window in the cold with what feels like Florida, or at least the Ozarks, to us today — some 40 degrees F warmer than yesterday morning. But, no problem, you will feel right at home in Wisconsin tomorrow when winter returns baring its teeth. : -) Thank you for all your hard work, and for sharing your news and great photos. We’re proud of you and our organization for serving the people of Ethiopia. John

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