Feb. 25 | Go Teeth!!

5 thoughts on “Feb. 25 | Go Teeth!!”

  1. Indeed – Go Teeth! Nice work and great descriptions of the challenging dental circumstances and high need and demand. Now that’s appreciation, to be sure! Just yesterday, in my own primary dentist’s chair I heard how easy and preferrable it is to refer patients to GHS Dental Specialists, so on reading this blog, I can understand why (and knew already from experience) — a very fine group. Early morning today brought one of those deep purple and pink predawn panoramas over the southeastern bluffs in what one hoped would be a spectacular, if brief sighting of a red ball sun rising over western Wisconsin. It was not to be. More snow clouds rolling down from the Dakotas obscured the sunrise. Do you ever even see a cloud there? We would like to know! In looking further at the SIRUM medication donation program, it is a peer-to-peer network that does not include patient donations at all. “SIRUM saves lives by connecting unopened unexpired medications to patients in need.” http://www.sirum.org – Sounds like something Global Partners could emulate or collaborate on. Meanwhile, it’s snowing lightly again, the Minnesota bluffs are hidden from view at 15F with about an inch due by morning. The end of February approaches. Great to hear from you – keep on, John

  2. I think that would be great if you could continue bringing dentists to Ethiopia in the coming years, especially if there is such a high demand for them. I think that is interesting that some people still do not use toothbrushes, but instead use those sticks. I know that is something people used back during Shakespeare’s time. Anyway, hope hope the trip continues to go well-it sounds like people are having a great time! by the way its snowing here again :/ –Emma

  3. Wow! So impressive! And I just love that you’re teaching locals so that your wonderful work can be sustained. Great work, team. -kayte

  4. Such great work! I agree that this should be a constant service provided on all future mission trips to Project Mercy. Keep it up:)

    Also….someone tell my mom (Deb Rislow) that I passed my national boards exam!! Im officially an OTR 🙂

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