Feb. 27 | Final Day for Team #2 at Project Mercy

9 thoughts on “Feb. 27 | Final Day for Team #2 at Project Mercy”

  1. I am so proud of team one and two. I am generally not very emotional, but during my time and now reading the blog’s from team two my heart melts. My guess we all feel we have work still to accomplish at Project Mercy. That is a good sign for things to come. Well done team 2. Thank you.

  2. That’s interesting that you learned how to use essential oils on the trip. I would be interested to learn more about that. Sounds like the trip was a success overall! That’s great that you could donate blood. Good luck on the next journey!-Emma

  3. Pretty amazing, all that you were able to accomplish in such a short time. Donating blood is one thing, however it’s not often you have the opportunity to see the impact first hand, that had to feel awesome. For those hiking next week keep Kevin clothed and safe. Safe travels to all.

  4. Greetings, and thank you for the news! Your surgery, eye clinic, sewing, and technology work are all wonderful and so valuable. Not to mention the O- gift, amazing. We appreciate your time and effort to let us know how it’s going, along with your insights and emotion. It’s inspiring! It must be hard to leave, to cast off toward home and to more travel, yet satisfying and exhilarating to move ahead on the next legs of your journeys. We, of course, look forward to hearing about that. You must be in Addis Ababa by now, or other points north. Meanwhile, we continue having January in February, and likely February in March, with swings between clear, cold days with subzero nights and then warm enough to snow a bit, and then more cold. The river remains a singular white plain, with few signs of open water, and all operating towboats surely hundreds of river miles south. The eagles are getting hungry, and hunting in downtown La Crosse apparently, and along the highways. The research cams are showing the brooding pairs, and even an early hatchling in one. We’re enjoying the longer days, to be sure, but the bitter winds are keeping many Badgers inside. The ice caves will be open this weekend in the Apostles, and thousands are expected to make the trek to see them. Heavier snow forecast likely for Tuesday in the Twin Cities, hope you homeward bound ones get here before that. Best wishes, and safe travels! Keep on, John

  5. Deb, this is such an articulate and meaningful post.
    Thank you to both Team 1 and 2 for your service. You have accomplished so much and touched so many lives. Thank you for giving resources, new skills and hope to the people of Yetebon.

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