Leaving for Ethiopia!

7 thoughts on “Leaving for Ethiopia!”

  1. REALLY!!! thanks goodness for wheeled luggage! the truth be told 24 suitcases at 50 # each or 1200 lbs of supplies and your personal stuff plus what you are carry on the plane. let’s hope they all make it and no bumps of way!!! The other good thing is that there is lots of supplies, etc that will stay at Project Mercy! Get some rest on the LONG plane ride to Addis, Ethiopia!!!

  2. Thinking of you on your long plane ride!

    If you think about it, 2×50 lbs. suitcases plus ~24 lbs. carry-on = ~124 lbs of luggage, which may well outweigh some passengers… Perhaps they will be able to bulk-up a little bit on the hearty diet of lentil-based Ethiopian foods.

    Good luck with the rest of your travels and acclimating. Get some rest in while you can!

  3. So exciting for all of you. You are doing a wonderful thing and it will be very rewarding. Take care of each other and have a great time!!

  4. I’m thinking of you on your long travel day! Yup that’s a lot of luggage. If you think about it 2×50 lbs suitcases plus ~24 lbs carry-on equals ~124 lbs – that outweighs some of the passengers! Well, maybe you all will bulk up a bit on that hearty lentil-based Ethiopian food diet. Hoping your travels and acclimation are still going well.

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