Team arrived safely in Ethiopia!

9 thoughts on “Team arrived safely in Ethiopia!”

  1. Great to hear that they traveled safely without incidents! Take it all in, do great work, and just know that we are all proud of you and your services your providing on a worldwide scale!

  2. so good to see you alive and well! Know you are missed, but it will be so exciting to hear about all your experiences and see how it will change your life and the lives of others for good. Remember to be careful! XOXOX

  3. Glad to know you guys made it safe!
    Now I am hoping that you all are done with the long travel bit and you can start enjoying your time there and the good work you will be doing.
    Sending warm wishes!

  4. Looks like they arrived hungry and ready to start their adventure. I am sure they are all very tired though. The weather sounds amazing! We have about 14 inches of snow and expecting more on Sunday night and Monday! Mark is doing good after his surgery and is making progress every day. Love and admiration for all of you!!

  5. What a journey! Now that you are all exhausted, you can get to work! Lori, don’t worry about me – I am doing well. Last night I had two servings of vegetables! Onion rings and guacamole. Love, Rick

  6. Excellent! So glad you all arrived safely! Can’t wait to read more- here at sea we’re almost to Vietnam! – kayte kaminski

  7. Yow, Team One! You must be very close to your hoped-for “Are we there, yet?” destination, jet lag and all. What a long slog from La Crosse to Minneapolis to Washington, DC, to Addis Ababa, to Yetebon. Meanwhile, the Project Mercy crew must be making you feel welcome and valued, so you can take a deep breath and enjoy being there, and getting ready to go to work. We are very proud of you, and happy to vicariously participate in your mission. Thank you for sharing it with us! Party sunny and mid-30sF here this morning, with at least some anticipation of one more football game, in spite of the lack of the ‘best’ teams participating. More snow tonight and tomorrow with blizzard conditions north and west of us, sorry you will miss this it! : – ) Keep on, more soon, John

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