Arrived at Project Mercy, Yetebon

12 thoughts on “Arrived at Project Mercy, Yetebon”

  1. What a great update! Thank you Deb!

    I’m excited to share the farmer story & picture with the boys in the morning.

    So glad to hear you’re all getting settled at Project Mercy. Hope the first day goes great!
    Megan (Devin’s wife)

  2. I am so glad the travel was unremarkable and you are in Yetebon. Whew! Hope you had a great first working day. Keep posting and we will see you all soon on your side of the world!

  3. Glad you guys made it there safe! I’ll be anxiously awaiting stories of your first days of work and of course the final decision of the donkey’s name : )

  4. Glad all is going well so far! Peyton would be a good name for the donkey after last night’s game! Blessings on your work there —

  5. Sounds like all is going well! So good to hear from you. The Super Bowl was a pretty boring game but have to hand it to the Denver Bronco’s for pulling it off. Euchre huh? Heather is in her glory I bet!! We have real high winds today and the temperatures have dropped down to 10 degrees. Mark is doing well after his knee surgery and took about 7 steps without his walker or crutches yesterday. Wish you all well and know that we are thinking of all of you!!

  6. Glad your travels went so well!! And I agree – Peyton would be a great name for the donkey! I am busy trying to get the supplies you need for team 2 to bring gathered together! Please keep us posted on the donkey’s name – and enjoy the warm weather! They are forcasting a high of 9 tomorrow here – with temps below zero over night! Brrrr

  7. Hooray, Team One! You made it! We’re glad to hear the flights and transfers were uneventful. Great detail, Deb and Devin, on your time in Addis, and on the road to Yetebon. We appreciate the stories; you make us so admire the hardy, resilient people of Ethiopia, especially the women rebuilding their lives. Amazing strength. Meanwhile, we’re happy to hear all your luggage and supplies made it ok, too. This walking thing is not bad, you know, especially in the company of a donkey about to have an endearing name, like “Jeff,” or “Scott.” It will be fun to hear the winning entry. The teff and injera, indeed all the food, must taste wonderful. (We did note that the cattle are muzzled in the threshing photo – good idea.) We hope your jet lag is fading quickly, and that your first day at Project Mercy went well, and that you are sleeping like proverbial logs. Just a half inch of snow in the river valley this morning, but the NW winds are picking up, with the wind chills headed for -20F by tomorrow night. Plus, your favorite, cloudy and humid, too, so you can thoroughly enjoy the sunshine and balmy temps there. : -) Keep on, more soon, and many thanks for your work! John

  8. Great picture! Sounds like the trip is going well so far! Im interested in trying injera now if it is as good as it sounds. Hope everything goes well at project mercy and hopefully you enjoyed your superbowl party!

  9. So good to read of your activities on the way to Project Mercy and how you will proceed from there with the supplies. The Groves have eaten at an Ethiopian restaurant in Arizona, but I didn’t remember the names of foods, so I searched injera and found a recipe for it. I also searched Tiya. I’m learning a lot from your trip and passing it on to the rest of the family here. Thanks so much for sharing your trip on the blog.

  10. Hi Lori and the rest of the team.
    Looks like getting the first leg out of the way, safely, has happened. Now the fun and work begin.
    Donkey naming: as a biased mule owner, calling a mule – Mule, just doesn’t work. But calling a donkey – Donkey, works. Hence when team two arrives, the name will be easy to remember!

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