Ahmahsay guhnahloh February 8, 2016

9 thoughts on “Ahmahsay guhnahloh February 8, 2016”

  1. Hope your work at the hospital continues to go well! That is surprising that there was a woman serving coffee in the men’s changing room–i wish coffee was that inexpensive back home! Goodluck tomorrow!

  2. Love your great work on learning the language Brian–hard to believe all those letters are such a short word. Locker room coffee service–may be a suggestion to bring back to GHS!

  3. We are loving the updates. Jeremiah, your girls have some very important messages for you:
    Georgia “We love you, Daddy!”
    Evangeline: “Hey DaddyDaddyDaddy! Take pictures of the donkey.”
    Amery: “WeeeeeHaaaaa! I got a cookie at storytime today.”

    See, important!

    Glad the group is doing well. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you for sharing the donkey’s name right away and not keeping us in suspense!
    Devin – N says he will make you a lego trophy for winning the contest. 🙂 Love!

  5. Glad the first day went well! I am slightly disappointed that the donkey was not named “Lil Sebastian” as I am a huge Parks and Rec fan : )

  6. Thanks, Team One for all the great news. You seem to be off to a great start. Reading the blogs makes us even more eager to come. See you soon, Sig and Jean Ann

  7. Ok – I need a pronunciation guide for the title of your blog post! Glad things are going well! We are working hard to get additional supplies to send with Team 2 – their suitcases (like yours) will be very full!!

  8. Greetings! It is so great to read the reports! Very glad you got there safe & are able to do the work. I for one am putting up prayers to several of my favorite deities, for the safety, & efficacy of the trip . Great Lord Ganesha is invoked to remove any obstacles to your safety and ability to do the work well. Great Isis for healing & putting people back together. Hoping Lori is getting enough protein. I thought of you today as I had my tuna fish on my salad for lunch. It is super cold here, even colder tomorrow. May the Force be with you!

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