Eating Together

10 thoughts on “Eating Together”

  1. Fun to hear the details of your days, and so good to see pics of you – even if just from the back. 🙂 Matt & Nathan – It was especially nice to hear your voices on the phone today. Heather and I had a nice day together (and didn’t spend too much $ :)… I enjoyed time with my parents and old friends. Details to share when you return. Might share with you something I read today that might be appreciated considering your current experiences. “No one can flourish in isolation, and the quality of our relationships with others will ultimately determine our level of fulfillment and happiness”. Also, from the same article, a quote from C.S. Lewis: “It is a serious thing…to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you can talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would strongly be tempted to worship…there are no ordinary people.”
    Love the people and be safe! love you… XO

  2. Thank you for the pic! Mom-I will bring blog posts and pictures to grandma’s house this weekend. Although she is very fixated on the cold spell hitting the Midwest and the “20 foot high snow drifts” surrounding her house and trapping her inside, I’m sure she will enjoy looking at the progress of your adventure so far : ) Keep up the hard work!

  3. Hey, Team One! Many thanks for the interesting news and stories! Cervantes would surely chuckle over Don Kee Hotee, who at least doesn’t have to pack Sancho, too. Nice rewards for the naming — Benefiber? We’re very glad to hear that the work of your mission is now underway, and that the people from many kilometers around can begin to come to see you for relief and healing. Here, here for coffee! Perhaps a donation jar for GP Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Pine Ridge at every Gundersen coffee station? Thanks for bringing some home!

    Yay, Dental Team — what a fine Top 10 list! You are clearly working hard, and are well celebrated for your valued effort. Cheered by children in life has to be among the highest of praise. More than a few of us here can recall both our primary and Gundersen Dental crews riding to our rescues.

    Meanwhile, Deb, way to hang in there with the photo upload! That is determination from one who well knows what 50+ packets is to a comm chip. Nice shared meal scene, too, and a fun time of day for you, we’re sure. It’s really fun to read of your daily encounters and adventures, and to imagine what it’s like there. Thank you!

    Back home, one can see on the national weather map, especially this time of year, with its deep purple to white shading draped over the Upper Midwest, how the last Wisconsin glacier covered this same region mostly. The red hues show up with the snow birds (less certain others : -) in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and southern California, with the yellows arcing across the deep South and the high plains West, the greens in the Rockies, the Near South, and even in western Dakotas, while the blues cover New England, the central Dakotas, the Lower Midwest. Yet that familiar trough of real purple-white cold sits over Minnesota, Iowa, most of Wisconsin, the UP, and the eastern Dakotas, ebbing and flowing north to south with the time of day, but undeniably hanging around. Long story short – it’s COLD here — no sparing the Driftless Area in this mini-ice age, that’s for sure.

    In any case, many thanks again for the news, and for your fine work there! Keep on, more soon, John

  4. GREAT NEWS AND BLOG UPDATES!! way to go team! I’m missing all the fun and adventures and all the good vegetables and bread and coffee! can;t wait till you get a chance to grind the beans!
    Love the name of the “donkey” and the top 10 list and the hospital updates!
    keep up the great work and rewarding experiences.

  5. Looks like a nice dining experience. How’s that fine Ethiopian coffee treating you?

    All is well in Santa Cruz – excellent biking weather this week. Everything is starting to dry out again after the “winter”.

  6. Reading the blog is a treasure that helps us keep up with what great things are happening with the team. I would think it would be hard to choose a few moments out of all the experiences that happen everyday to share with the rest of the world! Maybe some day the internet will have a better presence so that connecting with loved ones will be a little easier! Back in La Crosse we woke up to -2 F this am, perfect cold winter day that I am sure Team 1 is happy that they missed. Keep up with posting and hopefully pictures as they can be uploaded. Thank you for all of your hard work.

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