Greetings from the Dental Team 2/9

17 thoughts on “Greetings from the Dental Team 2/9”

  1. Sounds like the dental team is already having a great time! the spice, mitmita, sounds really interesting and i would be tempted to try it. Hope you are all able to get some good pictures. Goodluck tomorrow!

  2. That’s Awesome! I know my sis, Heather, had something to do with that post! I’m sure you all are learning a great deal about the culture and it shows in your post. You’ll never see food the same I would bet. Just think, they’ll never see a McDonald’s in their lifetime unless they travel to a large city. We seem them on every block. They work for their food, we work in order to afford our food. What a crazy world we live in! Can’t wait to hear the great stories when you return. Take care and love you, sis! -Your best Bro

  3. Good blog dental team! Sounds like you are learning a lot about the culture there. I like your format!! We are having cold weather this week. Snowed a little bit last night but mostly cold and windy. Dad is doing good and time is going pretty fast. Enjoy yourselves and continue taking good care of each other.

  4. Thanks for a very entertaining blog – I always look forward to reading these each day. Thank you, also, for what you are doing on this trip – a world away (literally and figuratively!)

  5. Dental Team, Thanks for taking time to write your blog. It sounds like you are learning a lot culture wise and taking good care of your patients. I’m interested in Mitmita; hope you can bring some home, Stephanie.

  6. Thanks for all you are doing! Loved your blog post – just what I would expect from the Dental Team! Dr Moore and his team have about 170 pounds of dental supplies they are bringing – so the Dental Unit at Project Mercy will be in great shape – thanks to the work of both Dental teams!

  7. Great blog!!! The “Top Ten List” is so organized and so Heather 🙂 Enjoy reading all experiences and excited to hear more! Keep up the great work!! Miss you Suby 🙂

  8. Wow!! You guys are amazing…. as we knew TEAM ONE would be. Thank you for sharing your hearts and hands with the beautiful people of Yetebon/Project Mercy. Wish we could stop over for a coffee ceremony – or hike down the dirt road with you again. We miss you everyday and pray for you continuously. It’s different to be on ‘this side’ when you are on ‘that side’; the updates are a highlight of our day. Fight the good fight – keep up the wonderful work; we couldn’t be more proud of you. Jeff and Sally

  9. It figures that Kelly would start causing trouble in Ethiopia. Hopefully someone is documenting the khat cessation advice that you are giving so we get credit for that! You are doing great work and are making us all proud here in La Crosse!

  10. Was thinking about you Heather today. You would be proud of me…I replaced my kitchen faucet 🙂 and it works with no leaks! You inspire me with all you do!! Keep up the great work!
    Wendy Engh

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