Team Work by Jeremiah Galvan

19 thoughts on “Team Work by Jeremiah Galvan”

  1. This was a very nicely written blog–thanks for sharing your experiences on your trip! I am hoping for the best for the baby! Goodluck on the rest of your trip

  2. Sure enjoyed that post! So sorry to hear about the little baby that may not make it but we will be praying for it. Those things happen everywhere, not just half way around the world. The little 3 year old said it best when he said you are all doing good things!! We are so proud of our wonderful daughter and each and every one of you special people. I am sure your experiences will stay with you forever. Heather, Dad is doing real good and we are so anxious to see you when you get home. Love you!

  3. Wow! The ups and downs of life no matter where you are. Thanks for this update. Prayers are with the baby and family.

  4. Team work, indeed! Wonderfully said, Jeremiah – thank you! Your vivid descriptions are both joyful and sorrowful, and all the while hopeful and inspiring. You accomplished what you set out to do, yet you have, as they say, just begun. We’re glad that you are all well-fed, and we hope, sleeping well, and enjoying all the new and familiar experiences of your journey. We miss reading your messages when you can’t get through. (We can barely imagine what such missions were like long ago, when words took months, even years to exchange, or even never arrived at all.) Meanwhile, here along the frozen big river, we’re enjoying brilliant sunshine and bright blue skies, with streets mostly deserted of walkers and runners from the cold. The hardy cardinals are calling and working hard to feed themselves. The wild turkeys forage in snow fields. We puzzle over national election news and clamor. We do live in interesting times! In any case, thank you so much for all the skilled, compassionate, and determined team work there! Keep on, more soon, John

  5. This blog brought tears to my eyes. Not only in sadness for the infant and mother, but proud tears. Knowing I work with some of the worlds best, most compassionate, caring people! God Bless each and every one of you.

  6. Nice job, J. We are so enjoying following your days in Ethiopia. Your journey is very humbling. We send our prayers and pride to everyone of you. Stay safe. Love, Gammy

  7. Extraordinary, as you wrote, is one word to describe you all. Authentic, compassionate and untiring would be a few more. Well, I’m sure you get tired… but your willingness to remain fully present through emotional and physical tolls demonstrates a deep well of untiring love. Thank you all for your service and sharing your experiences so beautifully with us back home.

  8. Praying for each of you, thank you for sharing so honestly & beautifully.

    Devin, we love you & miss you! Ry hugs his tiger often throughout the day, the boys love their videos from you. Nana arrived yesterday and we’re all enjoying having her here while you’re gone. xoxo

  9. Devin, I think you are an amazing individual; we miss you here in Podiatry but know that you are doing great works. I think all of you on the TEAM are incredible human beings! God Bless

  10. Thanks for everyone’s efforts in giving hope where there was none. Heather, smiles are much more brighter now in this world thanks to you. Love you, sis. By the way, Ethan had a 90% average this past quarter in school! Take care everyone and God bless you all! -Jason

  11. This blog writer must be extremely handsome! 😉
    So proud of all of you and your hard work. Hope you are getting some time to enjoy coffee too.
    Gas prices dropped to $1.49 a gallon this week. I feel like that is cheap enough to come visit you all… if it weren’t for that pesky ocean between us.
    We miss you, J!

  12. Having trouble posting here. This is third attempt. Very Moved by your writings of the days events. Extremely proud of you Jeremiah.
    Continue to pray for you all.

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