Community and Teamwork in Ethiopia

13 thoughts on “Community and Teamwork in Ethiopia”

  1. Thank you Carrie for the colorful descriptions of the market and life at Project Mercy in Yetebon. What is the elevation at the peak of the hike?

    To my darling Stephanie,
    Happy Valentines Day from me and the boys. They are getting a bit restless with the cold temperatures and from missing you. It will be warming up a bit here so some long walks are on the agenda early this week.

    -Jeremy Grove

  2. You have all painted such great word pictures of your experiences, the Yetebon area, the work and teamwork! Team 2 can’t wait any longer! We are on getting on the next plane to join you! See you all in a few days.

  3. Happy Valentines day to all, especially “Gadget Girl”! So glad that everyone on the trip has each other during this extended stay away from your family and friends to bring comfort and togetherness within the team. The market sounds like a shoppers paradise for anything that you may need, what a wonderful experience that must have been. The warmth that you have on the trip is pulling any heat from us back at home. Low of -12 last night. Enjoy the sunshine while you can and bring some back with you!! “Mom, Happy Valentines day, I love you and I hope you don’t get any diseases.” – Bella “I love you and have a happy Valentines day!” – Isaac

  4. Nine days already! How time flies. I’m glad to hear you guys went on a nice hike. I bet it is fun to get out and see the surroundings. Especially with such nice weather! We went on a hike today, too. We hiked along the bluffs of Ano Nuevo State Park. Today there was a high surf advisory and we were watching some fifteen foot waves come crashing in. It was pretty awesome. Don’t worry, though, I made sure we stayed a safe distance away. Hope you guys have a great second week!

  5. It is hard to believe it’s almost been a week and a half, and yet at the same time it seems longer than that. I loved to hear about the lack or technology and the opportunities it brings. I too, with Carrie, hope that some of that comes homes. When I saw the picture of someone reading with the house kids I wished I could swap places! Enjoy your last 4 days at Project Mercy. It’s hard to believe you’ll be on your way home soon. I’m so grateful for my loved ones to have this opportunity, and will also be grateful when you’re all home safe! Enjoy and be safe!

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, Team One! We hope you’ve had a fine one, and are rested and refreshed from your weekend. Great blog entry, Carrie! Thank you for all the detail of the market time, the team’s interactions, and your personal introspection, too. We so enjoy reading these entries. Wonderful, too, imagining warm hikes with stunning scenery, and beautiful gardens, and donkeys conversing. While warmer here today, and the snow still pending, the grey clouds hanging low and approaching, we’re nonetheless entertained by news of local people willingly jumping into holes in the ice, while paying to do so with generous donations to good causes. Surely, there should be a sauna beforehand, but these folks look pretty white, not red and sweaty. The neighborhood cardinal sang before dawn this morning, heralding a not too distant spring, and all the birth, rebirth, and renewal that we so love from the Valentine’s Day perspective. In fact, yesterday, on a city street, we were followed out of a busy restaurant by people (without coats) we’d never laid eyes on, a young man and an older woman, who (having something whispered to her by the young man) suddenly shrieked and looked at us while shouting gleefully, “I’m going to be a grandmother!” We cheered and applauded at her news as they went right back inside. It’s that time of year. (And now beginning to snow. : -) Have a fine evening, a good rest, and a rewarding day in your mission tomorrow. Thank you for all you do, for all the hard work and sacrifice, and for your joy in service. Keep on, more soon, John

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you with the biggest hearts! I’m sure you all feel like the Grinch did when his heart grew 3 sizes, except I’m sure you all exceeded that by now! Heather, I’m sure that was a change to have someone else playing with your hair. You’re always the one making everyone else’s day, glad to see your days was made with a near hair do! Grandma would be proud! By the way, not sure if I told you this but Ethan pulled out a 90% average this quarter in all of his classes and Brock and Brynn were slightly higher. Also, your little brother was officially named the Director of Assessment at work and will be transitioning into this new career sometime in April or May. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and the others around you. Love you. -Bro

  8. Hope you all had a happy valentines! I think that’s great you were able exchange valentines gifts. The market sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully you enjoyed the long hike!

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