New Pictures From Ethiopia!

15 thoughts on “New Pictures From Ethiopia!”

  1. I don’t know anyone in this years team but sure enjoy hearing of your days and seeing the pictures. You all are truly a blessing to the area.

  2. Yo, Team One! Great photos – thank you! Sorry the net connection is tough there, and you are reminded of dial-up in 1985. Meanwhile, I think you love hearing how cold it is here. : -) So be it — our recent minor big chill just gave way to the real thing. Friday night’s La Crosse low hit -7F with the wind chills around -20. Then, up North, that mythical place (Hayward), bottomed out at -19F last night, but with the windchill only a paltry degree or so lower. After the plunge, you guessed it, a warm-up and snow, another one to three in La Crosse tomorrow, Sunday. Yet, today, brilliant sun and only teens below windchill, Ah, winter! Yet it’s almost Presidents’ Day on Monday, and George and Abe would have known their birthdays usually marked the worst of winter behind them, at least in those latitudes. So sorry you are missing it.

    On the way upriver Thursday, we looked for bald eagles near Reed’s Landing, where the Chippewa River delta creates Lake Pepin, and the Mississippi narrows rarely freeze. There, the veteran taloned-fishers teach the recently released and young rehabilitating birds from the National Eagle Center in Wabasha how to catch fish and properly eat their sushi. We counted nearly a dozen sitting in the trees above the open water along Bob Dylan’s Highway 61.

    Your recent photos are powerful and well-framed. Ah, the babies! Humanity just never gives up, in spite of all manner of crises. You are there to help it along, pretty handily, too. Thank you for sharing those! Great cutlines (captions), too. : -)

    Also, you may have missed the the news Thursday of the gravitational wave proof breakthrough, the one that Einstein predicted a hundred years ago, even though for awhile he had second thoughts, and now a new recording of the middle C tone of ancient, ancient, billions of light years distant, black holes colliding and radiating “ripples in the space-time fabric.” Not your usual slow news day, no sir, or as one physicist noted, the biggest thing since Galileo began stargazing with his telescope!

    Back here on earth, glad to hear you’re getting some hikes for your happy feet. Thank you for all your hard work there among the good people of Ethiopia, and for meeting every challenge thrown at you with the best you have to give and more. We’re very proud of you! Keep on, more soon, John

  3. Thanks for the pictures. I, too, was glad that Team 1 had a chance to do some hiking AND the weather to do it. In one of the first posts from the team, I googled injera. This time I wanted to learn more about teff. I found this website for others who might want to know more including health benefits and recipes.
    I loved the picture of the camels crossing the road; are they wild?
    I noticed in the picture of Becky reading to the little boy that he is mesmerized AND that you have a good selection of books there.
    As it is Valentines Day tomorrow, I just wanted to end with: I heart Stephanie and the rest of Team 1!

  4. Hi Jeremiah and crew. Your pictures are great and we can’t wait to hear the stories that go along with them. Just looking at all of you without coats, hats, gloves, scarfs, long underwear, hand warmers and anything else you own……makes me kind of jealous. It’s very cold here today. The girls and I are baking a Valentine cake. It’s keeping the house extra warm and keeping “HER” from going crazy ! Hope your last few days are great. Make the very best of them. We all miss you. Love Gammy

  5. Thank you for the inspiring blog – a great reminder of how special our work can be and how much we have to offer the world.

    Hi Brian! I guess my Valentine’s Day card is going to be in a public forum. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you. Tiger misses you terribly (or he thinks you’re dead – which will make it even more exciting when you return!). I am so proud of you and the work you are doing, and I cannot wait to hear your stories. You impress me every day. We miss you so much! Love, Jess

  6. I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your daily work and adventures! The camels would be such a cool sight to see…you are making such a positive difference in so many lives… Even mine as I read your blog and stay inspired by all of you! As a preschool teacher we tire out quickly.. Lol! Love how you represent the Cubbies for all of us Brian!!!!
    Take Care!! Hugs to you all!
    Miss Tina

  7. Great pictures Gunderson Team! Heather, I’m already placing bets on you booking a return trip sometime soon. I knew it would be a life-changer for you and I can’t wait to hear how you’ve grown as a person as you so freely give to those that need it the most. God works in wonderful ways and if the gifts you all are able to give to total strangers isn’t proof of this wonderful work, I don’t know what is. God bless you all and thank you for keeping up with us at “home”. Miss you sis! Can’t wait for our trip to Maine this summer….no camels or donkeys though! Maybe some threshing of the teff, though.

  8. Thanks for the nice photos. Beautiful clouds in the sky there. Glad to hear you managed to get in a good hike this weekend! I am planning to do the same today – perhaps down to Point Lobos. Been meaning to go hiking down there, and today might be the day for it, as we are expecting 10-12 foot swell. It’s pretty cool to see the big Pacific swell coming in on an exposed point! Will observe from a safe distance, of course.

  9. Devin, thank you for my beautiful flowers!
    C was so confused how the flowers could be from you: “from my daddy in Africa?” 🙂
    N lost his first tooth today!

  10. Love seeing all the photos — I can’t get over the camels! Or the fact that no one seems to notice all the gas-passing Jacky seems to be doing! 😉 Great caption, dad!

  11. Hey Stephanie and the rest of team 1! I’m enjoying reading the blog and hearing about all the amazing things you’re all doing! Love the photos

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